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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:NO.6 Pulin 1st road, Pulin Industry Garden, Shiyan City, Hubei province
Tel:+86-15347275387 +86-719-8686241

Manufacturing Capacity


Our company has its own modern factory building, with a workshop area of 15000 square meters and more than 20 sets of high-end intelligent testing equipment, which can achieve 24 hours of continuous operation to fully meet the customer's demand for delivery.

We have nearly 200 employees at present, worker have comprehensive technologies, and the type of work is complete, including turner, miller, fitter, grinder, borer, sheet-metal worker, welder, wire cutting workers, gas welders, assemblers, etc..

The company strictly enforces production management mode of high standards, and and implements standardized management based on the development concept of understanding customer needs, satisfying customer needs and exceeding customer expectations. The company implements the principle of "3N":, that is no acceptance of substandard products, no producing of substandard products, and no delivery of substandard products, and two elaborate and two excellent: that is elaborate design and elaborate manufacturing, excellent products and excellent service, and has won the industry high reputation over the years.

Latest product

  • Guide wheel/ Driving wheel Fully automatic Quenching Production line

  • HKVC150 series induction hardening machine for semi-shaft parts

  • Wheel bearing full automatic quenching / tempering production line

  • Shaft parts fully automatic induction hardening machine

  • Molding and quenching machine series

  • Horizontal shaft Class quenching/back Fire production String

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