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Quality Assurance System


A professional and standard manufacturing team. The production department manages production according to the standard procedure, and uses harsh quality requirements and inspection standards. Always adhering to the rules of "no bad products, no bad products and no bad products", we should do all kinds of monitoring work before, during and after production.

The company carries out the related management standard strictly. In 2003, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system. identifying and controlling all processes related to product quality. In 2012, the induction hardening machine and the induction heating power supply series products passed the CE certification. According to the ISO9001 standard and CE, the company carries out internal overall supervision of the effectiveness of system operation, product physical quality, quality control and improvement of production process, supplier quality and so on. The company has always adhered to the quality policy of "fine, lean, high-quality goods", and through the implementation of excellent management system, the company's quality management level is improved, which meets the needs of the company to further pursue excellence after passing the quality management system, the quality of products, services and operations is also improved, and the core competitiveness of the company is enhanced, making the company obtain a long-term market success, which ensures the stability of the company's product quality.

            ISO9001     ISO9001

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  • Shaft parts fully automatic induction hardening machine

  • Molding and quenching machine series

  • Horizontal shaft Class quenching/back Fire production String

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