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Front Idler/Sprocket

The induction hardening machine adopts PLC + HMI control and is equipped with energy monitoring system. The machine adopts fully-automatic unloading system, which realizes front idler and sprocket one-time clamping to complete both the upper and the lower hardening. The machine is equipped with international advanced IGBT transistor heating power generator and according to the different work-piece size, the power range is set as 500-800kW. The machine is designed rationally, convenient to operate and use, and at present, there have been 15 sets of this machine put into use by domestic well-known large enterprises, and they have been running steadily for more than 8 years.


1. Machine structure: Horizontal type.

2. Working mode: Horizontal supporting type (internal/external clamping).

3. Electric control: PLC+HMI/808D/828D/840DSL.

4. Big/small work-piece adjustment: Adjust clamp position.

5. Display: heating power, water temperature, quenching liquid temperature, rotation speed, heating time, cooling time, etc.

6. Work-piece moving driving motor: AC servo motor.

7. Station number: 1 (2 for optional, one heating power generator with two induction hardening stations).

8. The upper and lower technical parameters are controlled separately.

9. Consistency of heating and quenching quality is good.

10. It has the function of heating and quenching technical parameters monitoring and recording, and the work-piece quenching vertical data are formed into EXCEL or PDF forms for customers to file and query.

11. It can provide multi-station automatic induction hardening line, and connect with the last procedure equipment automatically to realize the unmanned production.

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