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Gear Hardening

Gear Ring Hardening

Gear Ring Hardening

This machine fits for all ring gear induction hardening, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. It adopts gantry structure, with the machine bed welded and aging treated, which has good rigidity and structural stability; the rotating work table is driven by AC servo; the removable part of the uses rectangle linear guide. The machine can finish the whole tooth quenching at one time. The inductor can move in any direction, and the AC servo adopted can control the positioning precisely.


1. Machine structure: gantry frame and horizontal rotating table.

2. Rotating mode: rotating table rotation.

3. Working mode: horizontal support (positioning fixture can clamp the work-piece inner / outer ring).

4. Clamping:  manual alignment (automatic alignment, and automatic clamping/unclamping are also available).

5. CNC setting (Siemens 808D/828D/840DSL are available).

6. Electric control: touch screen and PLC (Siemens 808D/828D/840DSL).

7. Big/small work-piece adjustment: adjust position of claw.

8. Display: heating power/time, rotating speed, quenching liquid flow and temperature.

9. Driving motor: AC servo motor.

10. Number of axis stations: 3.

11. Work stations: 1 (double rotating table is optional, one station for heating and quenching while another for loading and unloading).

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