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Gear Hardening

Large Gear Ring Hardening

This machine adopts multi columns, transverse beams and a rotary working table, and the bed adopts plate welding and aging treatment. This machine has a good rigid performance, and the transformer can move around. The rotary working table is driven by an AC servo motor, and the guide adopts a rectangular linear guide. The rotary working table can separate gears automatically. 

Manual adjustment is unnecessary during heating and quenching, and the equipment can finish the induction hardening process automatically. This machine can be used for ring type single-gear or roller scanning heating and quenching.


1. Machine structure: upright columns plus a horizontal rotating table.

2. Rotation mode: automatic gear separation.

3. Working mode: Horizontal supporting type (positioning fixture can clamp the work-piece inner / outer ring).

4. Clamping: manual alignment (automatic alignment, and automatic clamping/unclamping are also available).

5. Induction coil and work-piece clearance: electrical automatic tracking device / mechanical floating tracking device.

6. Electric control: touch screen and PLC/Siemens 808D/828D/840DSL.

7. Big/small work-piece adjustment: Adjust transformer sliding table (transverse beam moving).

8. Display: axis coordinate and speed, water temperature, quenching fluid flow, pressure, heating power, frequency, and gear parameters and so on.

9. Driving motor: AC servo motor.

10. Number of axis: 6.

11. Work station: 1 (2 stations are optional).

12. Adaptability: adapted to both tracker and gear teeth induction hardening.

13. Space between tracks: including two tracking modes: electronic track and mechanical track. In electronic track, the tracking space is within 0.1mm to ensure the induction hardening quality consistency.

14. Consistency of induction hardening quality: good.

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