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Heat Treatment

Smooth Shaft Hardening

This machine which is composed of loading bunker, feeding conveyor chain, artifacts grabbing and flipping mechanism, feeding mechanism, heating quenching stations, transformer moving mechanism, transformer 2-D slipway, unloading conveyor chain, control system, etc. is suitable for shafts automatic heating and quenching, and it replaces the old shafts vertical quenching machine, which truly realizes the unmanned production. It can be connected with the last procedure automatically to realize the unmaned production.

The machine adopts continuous scanning heating, especially for the surface heating of the engineering machinery pin shaft and wheel roller with small diameter. For long work-pieces, the machine is equipped with deformation straightening system to ensure the deformation amount of the workpieces after quenching does not exceed the allowable range. The fully automatic work mode ensures high processing efficiency and good quality consistency.


1It is suitable for continuous scanning induction hardening and tempering of shaft parts.

2The inductor moving is driven by servo motor.

3The equipment adopts fully automatic loading and unloading.

4The work-piece rotation adopts variable frequency velocity control.

5Full imported ball screw.

6The inductor and the water sprayer both adopt water-electricity fast-changing coupler, easy to change and adjust.

7It adopts new energy-saving heating transformer.

8It adopts SIEMENS S7200/300 control system, all the parameters of the equipment (power, time, flow, speed, temperature, etc.) can be input through the special screen, and it can save many kinds of heating and quenching technology.

9It has the function of technical parameters monitoring, recording, outputting, and printing, etc.

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