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Shiyan Private Enterprise Won the High-End Market

Chiffon gold newsletter shows: intelligent monitoring induction hardening process (picture above)
Correspondent Xie Hongzhen from Shenzhen "high-tech fair"
Replace the traditional visual observation, the induction hardening process of temperature, water flow and other full digital monitoring, so that the product processing better. Is held in Shenzhen, "Hi-Tech Fair", Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter: Hengjin Induction) to bring the induction hardening machine, quenching and other transformers and other equipment, causing concern at home and abroad.
Digital operation challenges "one mind"
Through the quenching equipment for steel surface heat treatment, can improve the wear resistance of parts. Such as automotive bearings, gears, wheels and other mechanical parts, if the surface heat treatment is not in place will be easy to break, resulting in a car accident occurred.
"Our company's quenching equipment has achieved a full digital intelligent control, the temperature, water flow and other parameters to grasp more accurately." Hengjin Induction Exhibition person in charge of Wan Meihua. The traditional quenching equipment, mainly by the experienced master of the naked eye to observe the mechanical parts of the surface color changes, to determine whether the quenching process in place the temperature. "'An ordinary' master, training up to at least 3 years." Wan Meihua said that even experienced old master, can not guarantee that his judgments are accurate every time. In contrast, the intelligent hardening equipment, for the induction hardening process temperature, water flow and related error and other technical parameters can automatically track and monitor, and the figures show, simple and clear, even if the newcomer can not easily Get started. "More importantly, through the full digital monitoring, can improve the product yield." Wan Meihua said.
The research and development of this equipment, from a pique.
The early 90s of last century, Hengjin Induction General Manager Zhou Xiangcheng was also a state-owned enterprises to do equipment maintenance and management. Once, foreign engineers repaired imported equipment, Zhouxiang Cheng hope that the relevant data left, the other left the information, but also left a sentence: "technical information to you, you can not do it."
Zhou Xiangcheng pique: "must develop our own heat treatment equipment." He spent two years to achieve this goal.
From the hands of German companies to grab the market
Hengjin Induction products have been able to compete with world-class products on the same stage, from the hands of German companies to grab the market.
In 2009, Hengjin Induction received a German production of high-end auto parts of the German-funded enterprises phone. This is the first time to purchase German enterprises are Germany Department of quenching equipment, the second re-procurement, supporting the company said to be 8 months to deliver. Last resort, the German enterprises ready to buy China's hardening equipment developed in the comparison of nearly 10 manufacturers, they found a constant technology.

Dalian Germany enterprises to bring samples, to Hengjin Induction for testing, the results of the effect of no less than German products. In order to meet each other "can guarantee the stability of thousands of products," the requirements of constant technology for the German enterprises tailored custom hardening equipment. After the custom equipment is produced, the other party is satisfied with the result. Ultimately, the equipment to 3.5 million yuan turnover, the output of 120 per hour; and Germany before the similar equipment, you need 9 million yuan, only 100 per hour output.

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