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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Hardening Machine Control System passed SSTL Rigorous Test

Recent days, HK gantry CNC induction hardening machine control system, HK vertical CNC induction hardening machine control system developed by Shiyan Hengjin Induction, passed the detection tests by  Shanghai Computer Software Evaluation Key Laboratory (SSTL).

The test is organized by Shanghai Shangpin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.,  wholly-owned subsidiary of Shiyan Hengjin Induction. SSTL tested two series of induction hardening machine control system. Two series of machine passed more than 40 test items. The entire test strictly with reference to GB / T 25000.51-2010 "Software Engineering Software Product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) Commercial Spot (COSTS) Software Product Quality Requirements and Test Rules" national standard, also refer to SSTL software product registration test specification V3.0 And GB / T 15532-2008 Computer Software Testing Specifications.

Induction Hardening Machine Control System Test ReportsInduction Hardening Machine Control System Test Reports

Induction Hardening Machine Control System Test Reports

These years, Shiyan Hengjin Induction deepen the cooperation between enterprises, research institutes and colleges and universities, from all sides to enhance the technical level of equipment, intelligence and work performance.

Hengjin Induction is a high-tech equipment company specializing in the development, production, sales and maintenance of induction heating equipment. It is the most famous supplier of intermediate frequency and high frequency induction hardening equipment in China. 

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