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Sentimental to Venture, Shiyan Hengjin Technology Leading Position of Heat Treament
Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Meihua

Reporter Ye Keixi
Once, she is a high-spirited entrepreneur, and now she is a strong woman who beat the pack. From a tender young female college students, grow into a company's general manager, she spent eight years, from a company's boss, to become a company all the hearts of intimate love "big sister", she spent 11 years, 11 Years, she step by step, step by step, and eventually become a pillar of a team. She is Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Meihua.
Independent entrepreneurship did not forget the foundation of science and technology
41-year-old Wan Meihua, 1994 graduated from Hubei University, majoring in economic management. From 1994 to 2002, she has done cashier, office director, and other work, at the same time as Shiyan City Maojian District, the eighth session of the Committee, the Chinese Democratic Nationalities Shiyan City Committee members, members of the Hubei Women's Federation (love Mother), women's volunteer and so on. In 2002, she founded Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd., and served as general manager of the company. Since 2002, 11 years, she step by step, a year on a step, with the practice of interpretation of the responsibility and ability.
As a new era of private entrepreneurs, in the big market trend of the cusp, Wan Meihua has a strong sense of dedication and mission, she constantly spur their own, inspire all the staff, the crisis into power. She assess the situation, the overall situation, a comprehensive grasp of the pulse of enterprise development. Use their own more than 10 years of accumulated experience, combined with the scientific concept of development, always to avoid market risks, according to market dynamic positioning analysis, forward-looking product development direction. According to the state construction and the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, she put forward the development of "new track quenching machine" ideas, look for the direction, personally organize the coordination of technology, the production sector in seconds to design, manufacture, successfully completed the project of the development work, at present, the project has received two utility model patents.
Under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, Wan Meihua in the development of enterprises, always forget to adhere to the scientific and technological plant, pay attention to R & D investment, attention to intellectual property rights. Through the development of rationalization proposals, technological innovation, technology development incentives, incentives for technical staff and staff enthusiasm.
Enterprise management clever use system help
Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. is a new private joint-stock enterprises, the establishment of a clear enterprise property rights system is the primary task. As a business leader, Wan Meihua in the full play to their ability, but also good at the power of the collection team, develop a long-term mechanism conducive to the development of enterprises, with perfect rules and regulations for enterprise development help.
11 years, Wan Meihua keep up with the development of the times, the use of truth and pragmatic spirit, through years of practice, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism to promote the healthy development of enterprises. Under the influence and management of Wan Meihua, the Company established the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors system, passed the articles of association of the company, realized the chairman of the board, the backbone of the technology, the backbone of the production, the backbone of the joint participation of the limited company, Improve the company management agencies, corporate management, general staff will be the implementation of the employment system, signed a labor contract. A system of "the cadres can be able to, employees can enter, wages can be high energy low" system so established, it makes the enterprise full of infinite vitality, greatly enhance everyone's sense of crisis, sense of responsibility, progressive consciousness, the establishment of The efficient management system for the long-term healthy development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.
Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production, sales and maintenance of high frequency induction heating equipment. It is a high-frequency inverter equipment, transistor frequency conversion equipment, induction heating equipment, heat treatment and related products Development, production, sales, maintenance and technical services; electronic components development, sales; import and export of goods, technology import and export, the registered capital of 12 million yuan, under the leadership of Wan Meihua, Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. in just 10 The year will be developed rapidly.
Company employees 100, of which high and mid-level professional and technical research and development staff of 36 people, directly engaged in research and development staff of 24 people, also has a number of intelligent induction heat treatment equipment and process design advanced technical experts and power supply design experts.
Learn to use good knowledge of knowledge-based enterprises
As of December 31, 2012, Shiyan Hengjin InductionTechnology Company has total assets of 64.7493 million yuan, net fixed assets of 7.877 million yuan, the sales income of 54,529,700 RMB, profits of 4.5488 million RMB, 30 new jobs.
In the process of enterprise development, Wan Meihua in addition to focus on the economic efficiency of enterprises, more good at creating a positive and harmonious corporate culture. Over the years, in the enterprise development process, she always adhere to the people-oriented, for the company's management into the advanced concept, trying to build first-class learning, knowledge-based enterprises.
"Only the implementation of 'people-oriented' to a smooth trend of the times, this is my pursuit of corporate culture," Wan Meihua said.
In carrying out the "people-oriented" thinking, Wan Meihua has come to Hong Kong to participate in the China Entrepreneurs Forum, to Haier Group to learn its advanced corporate culture and management philosophy, and summed up the accumulation of many very meaningful management ideas. Such as: excellent products are excellent people dry out; first sell credibility, after selling products; to maintain higher than the level of competitors, will be able to grasp the initiative in the market; users will always be right, the user first, Rely on services to make money, not to make money and so on.
Wan Meihua not only good at their own learning, more willing to invest to guide the company's core team to learn, has sent sales backbone, production backbone to participate in various training courses, learn to continue to serve the company. At the same time within the company to establish a technical education system, the entire production and sales staff to carry out the concept and technical training to improve the quality of all staff. Wan Meihua a series of learning measures to implement, not only firmly tied to the people, but also retained a number of production, sales, technical backbone, attracting a number of high-quality personnel to the company business, to promote the continuous improvement of staff quality, And gradually formed a business development echelon of talent, to build first-class learning, knowledge-based enterprises laid a solid foundation.
Feminine love to contribute to society
When the enterprise onto the track of healthy development, Wan Meihua also never forget to work with her staff, improve the wages of workers, improve the working environment of workers, but also in life, give workers the ability to care and help.
When the company was sick hospitalized, she personally went to visit, so that people feel the warmth of the organization's care and warmth, but also greatly enhance the constant strength of the cohesion and constant into the constant strength of the centripetal force, For the intimate "good sister".
In 2012, Hengjin an employee because of foreign food too much alcohol, leading to stomach bleeding, Wan Meihua that the news, apart from anything else, drove straight to the hospital, the hospital has been waiting until 3:00 to leave The This seemingly impossible thing, Wan Meihua has done too much. It is in this harmonious atmosphere, Hengjin people feel comfortable, peace of mind, from the business has not occurred with the law and discipline.
At the same time, in the development of their own business, Wan Meihua did not forget to actively participate in social charity and support education. In constant progress to obtain a certain economic benefits, she never forget to return to society. And actively participate in community welfare activities, donations to help difficult families, the community helpless groups to appropriate help, but also signed with the City Women Union to help the students to help students complete the contract. She continued to grow and develop their own business at the same time, selfless dedication, helping the poor, strongly return to the community, return to her fertility, raising her side of the soil.
August 2012, the white waves after the flood, she immediately organized all the people into the donation of love, in her lead, Hengjin spontaneous proactive donations. A total of 7060 yuan donations, and to Hengjin affected two employees on behalf of the donation of 3,000 yuan. In the face of the severe test of the flood disaster, she led everyone to use practical action to write a song to the people of disaster areas dedicated love, and the disaster of the constant progress of people moving together in the chapter.

Now 41-year-old Wan Meihua, Shiyan women are unique leader, but also Hengjin all employees of the spiritual pillars. She walked all the way, always adhere to the integrity of business, adhere to pay the mentality, has been the unanimous affirmation of others and society. We believe that in the near future, we can see a passionate, loving strong woman into her career new glory.

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