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Hubei Shiyan City, Chen Xinwu Mayor and his Entourage Visit to Shiyan Hengjin Induction
On the morning of February 26, Chen Xinwu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, accompanied by Zhou Qingrong, secretary of the district party committee of Maojian District, deputy secretary of the district committee and mayor Zhang Hansheng, accompanied the next trip to visit Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd.

Chen Changgang and his entourage first to the company site tour guide, chairman Zhou Xiangcheng details the company has successfully developed into the market of Outer Race of Constant Velocity Joint/Hub Bearing Hardening and Tempering Equipment, the operating principle of advanced technology, product promotion status and domestic and foreign Market prospects, etc., at the same time reported my company is developing new projects in the latest progress.

Then to the conference room, Mayor Chen and the company leadership on the company's product innovation, energy efficiency and other issues to communicate.

Finally, the mayor of my company's heat treatment intelligent induction hardening equipment products to fully affirmed, highly praised the company's technological innovation, product development and personnel introduction and so on. Hengjin will also help the government with the help and support, increase product development efforts, in order to achieve business and social benefits of a win-win!

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