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You may have bought a fake induction hardening equipment, choose high quality hardening equipment have to find Hengjin!

March 15, 2017, CCTV exposed some bad business directories, which also including some international well-known brand enterprises, such as MUJI, Nike and so on. Its fraudulent consumer behavior or false propaganda to the so-called "customer is God" that become dead.

Similarly, in the heat treatment industry, the quality of the product or the quality of the workpiece processed by the heat treatment equipment is a concern of all the workpiece manufacturers. Some bad business only with low-cost way to participate in market competition and access to customers, but " The benefit comes, after all, from a price one has paid.", in order to still ensure the profit point, so provided customers with equipment is "defective", and components used are low quality. Meanwhile the heat treatment process is very rough, is difficult to control the heating speed, heating gap distance, temperature, cooling water and air volume and direction, resulting in low quality of the workpiece after such heating process. The "fake hardening equipment" makes the workpiece hardened layer depth is not uniform, and the workpiece after quenching there is a large deformation. That kind of quality of the workpiece to the downstream manufacturers to re-manufacturing, to gradually produce more garbage products, and the industry gradually into a garbage industry.

Hengjin Induction consistent adhere to the value of their products, consistent with their own business value, adhere to their own value, because a business bottom line is very important. Over the years, Hengjin Induction adhere to provide customers with the best quality induction hardening equipment and heat treatment solutions, and always to enhance customer product quality as their responsibility. Selection of high quality hardening equipment have to find Hengjin!

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