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Entrepreneurial Flowers, Beautiful Bloom

Yesterday afternoon, Shiyan first women's entrepreneurial pacesetter awards activities held in Yunyang Teachers College, Wan Meihua and other 10 comrades were awarded Shiyan City, "women entrepreneurship model" honorary title, Chen Shi-fen and other 20 Comrades were awarded Shiyan City, "outstanding entrepreneurial women" honorary title. Party Secretary Zhou Ji, Municipal Committee, Propaganda Minister Wu Shijie, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Long Liangwen, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Yang Yunsheng, Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Xiujun attended the awards event.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), we will give full play to the exemplary role of women's exemplary women. We will actively mobilize women's participation in the construction of regional central cities. With the consent of the municipal government, starting from June last year, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shiyan Radio and Television, Shiyan Daily seven units jointly launched Shiyan City, "women entrepreneurship model" selection activities. All local units attach great importance to extensive mobilization, meticulous organization, in the whole society to create advocating entrepreneurship, the courage to start business, business entrepreneurship, and promote a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship, inspired the majority of women's entrepreneurial enthusiasm and innovation vitality. After the publicity, recommended to declare, the candidate to determine, public vote, comprehensive review, and ultimately produced Wan Meihua 10 "women entrepreneurship model" and Chen Shi-fen and other 20 "outstanding entrepreneurial women."

The award event is "bloom" as the theme. In the sound of cheerful music, Shiyan City Road Weft Traffic Survey and Design Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager Shang Yun, Shiyan Blue Shield Asset Management Co., Ltd. Chairman Ma Li, Shiyan Tianxiang cocoon silk Biochemical Co., Ltd. Chairman Yao Caixia, Shiyan City, the United States Le Hotel Co., Ltd. Chairman Qu Qin, Shiyan Heng Jin Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Meixia, Shiyan City, Yin Jia domestic aid Services Co., Ltd. Zhang Qin, Danjiangkou Bang Bang kindergarten Park Li Hong, Hubei Shiyan Gao Shi Zhu Liu Green Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Wei Ping, Shiyan City Hongchuan Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Yao Shi-lan 9 Shiyan City, "women entrepreneurship pacesetter" one by one debut, to show you contemporary women self-improvement, down to earth, hard work, hard work ahead Women's charm and style of the times. Their entrepreneurial story touched the presence of every audience, the award scene from time to time warm applause. Another winner - Hubei Huachang Da Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Luo Hui due to travel abroad, did not attend the awards activities.

Before the start of the event, Zhou Ji and other city leaders met with nine awards "women entrepreneurship pacesetter" and talked with them cordially. Zhou Ji congratulated them on their "women entrepreneurship" honor, and to their holiday blessings. Zhou Ji said that you based on the post, hard work dedication to create a remarkable performance for the city's broad masses of women made an example, we hope that we cherish the honor, make persistent efforts to more full of enthusiasm and high morale, for the regional central city construction and then new work.

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