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Company News

Promote the Spirit of the Model Workers to fight for the Times Pioneer
Shiyan City in 2014 won the National May 1 Labor Certificate, the National May 1 Labor Medal and the National Workers Pioneer List
National May 1 Labor Medal
Zou Guifen (female) Shiyan City, Yunxian Nanhua Town, Luo Yan teaching point teachers
Ganjiang Bao Shiyan City Hongqiao building materials market porters
National workers pioneer number
State Grid Hubei Province Power Company Huanglongtan hydroelectric power plant overhaul of the test class
Shiyan City in 2014 won the Hubei May 1 Labor Certificate, Hubei May 1 Labor Medal and Hubei Province workers Pioneer list
Hubei Wuyi Labor Certificate
Zhushan County People 's Hospital
Yunxi Tengda Passenger Rental Co., Ltd.
Hubei May 1 Medal
Liu Yongming Dean of Hubei Bank Shiyan Branch
Hu Bin Shiyan City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the second discipline inspection and supervision room director Ren Chuanwei Shiyan City Paradise funeral service company migrant workers
Hubei Province workers pioneer number
State Network Hubei Electric Power Company Shiyan power supply company maintenance branch line maintenance classes Wudang Mountain area scenic comprehensive law enforcement brigade Taizipo squadron team Shiyan City Environmental Health Management Office Machine sweep team Hubei Shiyan Pioneer Mold Co., Ltd. Small machine workshop
Shiyan City Federation of Trade Unions in recognition of the 2014 Shiyan May 1 Labor Certificate, May Labor Medal and Workers Pioneer's decision
County (city) District Federation of Trade Unions, Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wudang Mountain Tourism Special Economic Zone Trade Union, the city directly produced (line) Trade union:
In recent years, under the strong leadership of the municipal government, the city's vast number of workers in the international financial crisis, to overcome the 8.5 floods in 2012 to resume production, the completion of the South-to-North Water Transfer Mission, service agriculture, agriculture, "five city" joint creation, construction area In the process of the center of the city, a large number of advanced collectives and advanced figures have been developed. In order to commend advanced and establish an example, it will further stimulate the innovation potential of the broad masses of employees in the city, create vitality and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. In the comprehensive construction of the central cities of the adjacent areas of Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi and Chongqing, the economic and social development will be promoted. The trade union decided to grant Danjiangkou City Planning Institute and other 16 units "Shiyan May 1 Labor Certificate", awarded Liu Chao and other 30 workers "Shiyan May 1 Labor Medal", awarded the Shiyan City Environmental Sanitation Management Office of the two brigade and other 25 collective "Shiyan City workers pioneer".
Hope to be recognized by the advanced collectives and individuals, cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, forge ahead, selfless dedication, for greater results. The majority of the city's workers should take the advanced collective and advanced individual as an example, vigorously carry forward the great character of the working class and the spirit of the model workers, shoulder the historical task given by the times, based on their own jobs, striving for first-class performance, in order to win the new building a moderately prosperous society, China Dream Shiyan new chapter to make new and greater contributions!
Shiyan City Federation of Trade Unions April 30, 2014 Shiyan May 1 Labor Certificate (a total of 16)
Danjiangkou City Planning Institute
Hubei Yunfu potato industry limited liability company
Yunxi County People 's Hospital
Zhuxi County IRS
Zhushan County power supply company
Fangxian Ang Xin cloth industry limited liability company
Shiyan Dacromet coating industry and trade limited liability company
Shiyan City Xinya company
Hubei Shiyan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
Hubei days Yun car electrical system limited liability company
Shiyan City, the new cooperation in the supermarket limited liability company
Wudang Mountain Scenic Area Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade Jinding Squadron
Shiyan solid Nuoer car fuel tank limited liability company
Shiyan Huanglong Forest Farm
Shiyan City Animal Health Supervision
Shiyan Volkswagen International Travel Service Co., Ltd
Shiyan May 1 Labor Medal List (30)
Liu Chao (female) Shiyan City Jiayu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. "Lei Feng" team driver
Wu Yajuan (female) Danjiangkou City, Hubei Sanfeng law firm lawyers
Lu Renlian (female) Yunxian Shenhe Group trade union chairman
Deng Zhaohua Hubei Yunxi Rural Commercial Bank Party committee secretary, chairman of the board
Meng Junchen Zhuxi County Agricultural Machinery Center Agricultural Machinery Service Center Director
Full director of Dongzhushan County Highway Administration Bureau
General Manager of Xu Zhonglin Fangxian Power Supply Company
Thunder Hubei Weitian Construction Group Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board
Liu Yunfeng (female) Zhangwan District Water Conservancy and Hydropower Bureau chief engineer
Fudao Shiyan Dongfeng Xiaokang Automobile Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager
Nie Chao Wudang Mountain Scenic Area Authority sanitation director
Cheng Huiling (female) Shiyan City Administration of Industry and Commerce Law Section Chief
Ye Fangjian Chairman of Hubei Wudang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd
Xiong Xueyan (female) Shiyan City Jinding Textile Industry Co., Ltd
Chen Bengui Zhuxi County Highway Administration Bureau of road workers
Shangyun (female) Shiyan City Road Wei traffic survey and Design Co., Ltd. engineers
Changfa Jie Yunxian Qingqu Agricultural Service Center Director
Ma Longyu Hubei Shiyan Grain and Oil Group Liu Li Ping Center store custodian
Chen Yihua Shiyan City Weifeng Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Chairman
Li Yingjun Shiyan City Tourism Bureau Development Planning and Statistics Section Chief
Song Aiping (female) Shiyan City Experimental Middle School teachers
Wang Zuojun Shiyan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital pediatric cardiovascular experts
Wang Guihua (female) Shiyan City, energy-saving wall of the Office of the Office of government services staff
Li Jun Shiyan City Environmental Sanitation Management Branch deputy commander
Song Daojiang Shiyan City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment Criminal Science and Technology Research Institute
Song Weixing Hubei Huanglongtan Hydroelectric Power Plant
Wei Wei senior director of network maintenance of Shiyan Telecom
Liu Jinsheng Shiyan power supply company marketing department customer service center director
Chen Hesheng double star Dongfeng tire company semi-steel forming workshop forming host hand
Wang Ling (female) Shiyan City foreign language school primary school teachers
Shiyan City workers Pioneer number (a total of 25)
Shiyan City Environmental Sanitation Management Office cleared the two brigade
China Mobile Danjiangkou Branch Danjiang Avenue business hall
Shiyan Minle Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd
Hubei days St. Kangdi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Quality Inspection Center
Hubei Dayun Automobile Co., Ltd. assembly shop
Yunxi County Power Supply Company Tianhe Power Supply
Zhuxi water company maintenance team
Zhushan County San Shui tea industry limited liability company St. water workshop
Hubei Sanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. resveratrol extraction workshop
Hubei Shenlong Air Intake System Co., Ltd
Shiyan Hengjin Indution Technology Co., Ltd. Transformer Group
Shiyan City Tianshu Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Center
Shiyan City Hua Di Auto Parts Co., Ltd. desiccant workshop
Shiyan Li Meike Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Sewing workshop
Hubei Wudang Taihe Cableway Co., Ltd. cableway station
Shiyan housing provident fund management center city straight management business hall
Shiyan Fengshen Automobile Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd
Shiyan City Shun Qiang Industry Co., Ltd. "Fortune" team
China Mobile Shiyan Branch Internet Operations Center
Shiyan Transmission Bureau White Wave Transmission Branch
Shiyan Shuangxing Purifier Co., Ltd. Spot welding class
Shiyan City Soil and Water Conservation Workstation
Shiyan City Xinghe agricultural means of production chain Limited business
Shiyan City Railway Hospital Pediatrics

China Life Insurance Shiyan Branch Customer Service Center

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