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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:NO.6 Pulin 1st road, Pulin Industry Garden, Shiyan City, Hubei province

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Shanghai Shangpin - induction hardening machine preferred supplier again to participate in 2017 "venture in Shanghai" innovation and entrepreneurship contest, I wish the success of the competition!

Shanghai Shangpin Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd:

You participated in the 2017 "Entrepreneurship in Shanghai" International Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition has been successful.

1,Baoshan District Branch Commission is scheduled for April 11, 2017 8: 30-11: 00 on the third floor conference room in the Shanghai Mobile Internet Innovation Park (Huazi Pentium Building, Baoshan District Yixian Road 2816) held 2017 "business In Shanghai, "Baoshan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition start ceremony, the scene will be issued Entrepreneurship Competition Registration Certificate and Entrepreneurship Competition Service Manual, the entry for you to participate in the Entrepreneurship Competition preliminary game road show the only admission proof, please attend the launching ceremony, to receive the entry permit before 11:00 in April 10, 2017.

2, Entrepreneurship Competition preliminary is on April 26, 2017 in  Baoshan District Aquatic Road 1269 Wusongkou Pioneer Park points match, please show the business plan PPT and entry back to the hair To the mailbox before April 21, contest take 8 +7 form (8 minutes report, 7 minutes Q & A), Please note that the control page number, the number of respondents also try to control within 3 people, of which 1 The main respondent.

Shanghai Shangpin Electrical  Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary built by Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai in 2014. It is an important window of coastal development in the Yangtze River Delta Development Zone.

Hengjin Induction is a high-tech equipment company specializing in the development, production, sales and maintenance of induction heating equipment. It is the most famous supplier of intermediate frequency and high frequency induction hardening equipment in China. 

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