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Good Fortune by Virtue of Talented People
Organized special training activities for automobile industry skills
Correspondent Qin Zucheng
Career development, talent-based. In recent years, Maojian District to give priority to the development of talent as the first strategy, give full play to all kinds of talent in the economic and social development of the main battlefield to lead, boost and support the role of Mao Jian "second pioneering", transformation and development to provide strong talent protection.
Create a talent field
The development of talent as the first step in the development of Maojian transformation, give full play to the transformation of talent in the development of the main position, to take the "industrial development priority to the introduction of talent, science and technology priority training personnel, first priority in recognition of talent" Priority "measures to guide the region to establish the" only to seize the talent development opportunities in order to win the development of advantages, to win the initiative of regional competition, "" the release of talent to promote the development of talent, "and other talent concept, the formation of innovation and talent Promote the development of the consensus. To further improve the work of the party management mechanism, increased investment in talent funding, the establishment of special funds for the development of talent, introduced a series of policy documents to strengthen the guidance and support of innovative talents, science and technology to the three technical innovation projects tilt Science and technology projects through the creative practice of talent to produce the best results. Adhere to the annual awards for scientific and technological innovation enterprises in recognition of every two years in recognition of a number of "ten hundred outstanding talents" to carry out the Maojian District Automobile Industry Skills Competition, farmhouse cooking contest and other talent entrepreneurial selection activities. To be able to do, have contributed to the talents, the district to develop preferential policies, so that talent innovation and entrepreneurship did not worry about.
Inspire talent
Maojian area around the international commercial vehicle core area, the national ecological civilization first area, regional modern service center, regional tourism distribution center of the "two districts and two centers" construction goals, relying on the advantages of auto parts industry associations, City commercial vehicle industry cluster development. The cluster was successfully selected as one of the pilot projects of the 29 innovative industrial clusters in China. It is the only industrial cluster in the province that is selected for the national innovation-oriented industrial cluster in 2013. Relying on business associations and other advantages, planning the building economy and e-commerce industry, oasis media, Vienna and other commercial buildings to complete the transformation and upgrading, Jinghua Xintiandi, Wanxiu City and other new comprehensive building comprehensive foreign investment. Relying on farm music association, vegetable association, tea cooperatives, honeysuckle cooperatives and other professional associations for the development of green industry gathered more talent. Vigorously strengthen the cultivation of talent, held annually farmhouse training, automotive and spare parts technical personnel training, vegetable cultivation specialized households training more than 40 period, training all kinds of talent more than 3000.
Highlight talented people
Highlight the entrepreneurial wealth, boost the development of transformation. Has organized more than 30 senior management personnel to participate in "SME senior management personnel training courses", financial training courses, Tsinghua University elite talent training classes, production and research cooperation projects such as seminars and other exchange activities, recommended 14 entrepreneurs to participate The city "125" entrepreneur talent selection activities, formed a "leading talent to introduce a group of entrepreneurs", "a leader talent = a business = a park" talent pattern, as Mao Jian construction "100 billion new industrial agglomeration area" And "100 billion modern business central area" an important force and talent support. In 2013, the area of the city outside the introduction of 64 projects, investment projects over 22 million yuan. Hubei Northwest International Agricultural City, solar eco-science and technology park, wood-plastic industrial park and other projects have signed an agreement to introduce 14.67 billion yuan.
Highlight the talent team driving force, promote scientific and technological innovation. Vigorously strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, play a scientific and technological innovation platform in the economic transformation of the driving force. In 2013 the region's new provincial engineering and technology center 2, the new provincial-level joint research and development center 4. Organize the implementation of more than 20 municipal science and technology projects, the new identified high-tech enterprises 11, accepted 48 patent applications. Tongchuang two-way transmission joint assembly, Hengjin quenching machine project included in the "National Torch Plan", Huachang Da, Guan Da, Guo Yun and other five trademarks were rated as well-known trademarks in Hubei Province. Hengjin Technology Co., Ltd., Feina Ke Technology Company, Chi Tian's team was named the third batch of "key industry innovation team" in Shiyan City.

Highlight the political and academic research and creativity, enlarge the industrial advantages. Around the ecological economy, industrial upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, environmental cooperation and other fields, and actively carry out deep-level, wide field of political research cooperation, open up new markets, cultivate new industries, met with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Hubei Automobile industry college and other universities, research institutes to establish cooperative relations, establish political cooperation. Huachang Da was approved in Brazil to invest in the construction of intelligent equipment manufacturing projects, Derui Industry and Trade Company approved the establishment of cooperation projects in Kazakhstan.

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