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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:NO.6 Pulin 1st road, Pulin Industry Garden, Shiyan City, Hubei province
Tel:+86-15347275387 +86-719-8114810

Company News

Hengjin Induction won the Award of Shiyan City General Union City Economic and Social Development of Advanced Team
Recently, Shiyan city employees of the general trade unions in recognition of a group of economic and social development in the city to make outstanding contributions to the Advanced Collectives (Labor Awards), Advanced Individual (Labor Medal), progressive team (workers pioneer number) and the car town craftsmen. The award-winning group and individual are as follows (ranking in no order):
Group (Labor Awards) 30
Farmer Springs Hubei Danjiangkou (Xincheng) Beverage Co., Ltd.
Huaving Cement (Yun) Co., Ltd.
Hubei Ghiron Auto Parts Co., ltd
China Jian Shiyan City Gallery Construction Operation Management Co., Ltd.
Hubei Outstanding group Guoron Tourism Development Co., Ltd
Hubei Yusheng Food co., ltd Hubei Dragon King Wu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
State network Hubei Power Company
Zhuxi Power Supply Company
Fang County People's Hospital
Fang Zhao Fung Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hubei United States Human Resources Co., Ltd.
Shiyan Chi Tian Automobile Co., ltd
Hubei Xiushan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Shiyan Tai Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hubei Mei Rui Special Air-conditioning System Co., Ltd.
Mount Wudang Hotel Dongfeng (Shiyan) Engine Parts Co., Ltd.
Shiyan Waterma Battery Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Wu discuss retailer Chain Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch
Shiyan Ping Yun Industry & Trade Co., ltd
Shiyan plant protection and Quarantine station
Hubei Holy Water Tea Plantation Co., Ltd.
Shanghai hongxing Dragon Brand Management Co., Ltd.
Hubei Shiyan branch Hubei holy Water Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Hubei when Culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd
ABC Corp.
Shiyan Branch Hubei Guan River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
Shiyan Weir Dragon-Horse Creative Space Co., Ltd.
Shiyan Huaxi International Agricultural Mall Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Special Steam (Shiyan) Special Vehicle Co., ltd
Advanced Individuals (Labor Medal) 60
Ming Tingpeng Hubei Danjiangkou dan Chuan automobile Transmission Shaft CO., Ltd. Technician
Chen Huaping, vice director of News center of Danjiangkou Municipal propaganda Department
Rodin (female) Danjiangkou Registration Bureau Clerk
Wang Liang, Hubei Wei Tong Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Production minister
Liu Kai, China Railway Seven Bureau Han 10 Railroad HSSG-3B standard project manager
Zhang Wei Hubei Tian Monster Saint Medicine Industry Co., Ltd analyst
He Yongbo State Network, general manager of Zhushan County power supply Company of Hubei Power Company
Yang Junxin, general manager of Hubei Jiahe Garments Co., Ltd.
Xu Zhonghua, the chief engineer of Road Engineering Limited liability Company
Wang Youhai, Yunxi Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd., chief, Transport and Transfer unit
Zhou Yong, director of the first senior middle school
Gao Zhiyong State Network Hubei Power Company, Zhuxi Power supply company deputy director of maintenance
Jian Yuchong (female) Fang Fang Experimental Middle school nine grade Chinese teacher
Zhou Jun State network Hubei Power company Fang County Power supply Company general manager, party committee Deputy Secretary
Zhang Chunyan (female) Home Farm sales clerk in Shennong North Court
Guo Xiuwu, chairman of Hubei Vernon Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Liang Yu New Shiyan City and public pension club pension nursing staff
Wen Guoxue Hubei Shun Qiang Yun Industry Co., Ltd. Driver
Tang Ziwei, chairman of Hubei Concave Mould Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of Management Office of Gong Xiuqin (female) Zhangwan District Government Service Center
Wu Zhimei (female) Shiyan state-Hui International Hotel Co., Ltd. catering staff
Deputy Director of the steering room of Cao Wenzhen Shiyan Economic and technological Development zone
Cheng Fen Dongfeng (Shiyan) Automotive Hydraulic Power Co., Ltd. Repair electrician
Zhou Liang Shiyan Post Office White Wave Post station Webmaster
Chief of Luo Yi, Shiyan City development and Reform Commission
Deputy Ke ji cadres of Wudang subdistrict office in Qin Dynasty
Li Geng far Shiyan City Bureau of Commerce and Industry registration branch office clerk
Gan Xinming Shiyan Petition Bureau chief
Yuan Li (female) of Shiyan City Environmental Monitoring Detachment
Wu Zhiming Shiyan Public Security Bureau special SWAT (anti-terrorism) Detachment Five brigade captain
Chen Wenchao Shiyan City Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. City passenger first branch repairman
General Party branch vice secretary, general manager, Jing Zenghu Han River Solitary Hill Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.
Zhang Jing (female) Double star Dongfeng Tire Co., Ltd. vulcanization master hand in Semi steel tire factory
Nie Juncai (female) Shiyan Yu Chuan Food Co., Ltd.
Jin Lin (female), MCH officer, maternal and hospital, Shiyan City
He Wenbin Shiyan Reservoir Management service workers
Hu Lanzhen (female) Shiyan City Business Bureau Kindergarten Director
Zheng Tao Dongfeng (Shiyan) automobile forging steel Parts Co., Ltd electromechanical repair work
Cui Yu (female) Shiyan city, Tai Wo Hospital head nurse
Yang Ming, Hubei Automotive industry College associate professor
Zhang Ping Shiyan yunyang Yang Middle School grade vice director
Chen Baihuai Shiyan Sports Center Tennis club Manager
Liu Shiqi Hubei Wanxiang New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chairman
Liu Ruiqiang, Shiyan City, water supply and drainage supervision and management Department of the Stubborn River sewage pipeline director
Executive Director and general manager of Ren Jihong China Railway 11 Bureau group Third Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ke Yang Shiyan giant Energy Power Group Co., Ltd transmission project manager
Zhang Fang (female), Chief of State Taxation Bureau, Shiyan City, Hubei Province
Zhang Min Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle company Body Factory stamping two workshop workers
Xu Cheng, general manager of Beijing Shiyan Thermoelectric Co., Ltd.
Cheng Xiaorong Shiyan City Productivity Promotion Center Vice Director
Liu Wei China Mobile Communications Group Hubei Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch Office Mobile network Integrated Maintenance class monitor
Zhang Wu All-China Railway tunnel group Han 10 Railroad three standard Project Dept. mechanical Engineering engineer
Wang constructs the state Taxation Bureau of Shiyan Economic Development Zone
Wang Hongbao Hubei Special Equipment inspection and Testing Institute Shiyan branch engineer
Zhang Jiuling (female), vice director of edible Fungi, Shiyan Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Zhang Jianjun Shiyan Senior mechanic School Electromechanical Department teacher
Dindane (female) Shiyan City animal disease Prevention and Control Center Veterinary Division
Xiong Mingde China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Shiyan five Weir branch governor
Jia Dongxu Dongfeng Well-off Automobile Co., Ltd.
Zheng Wuling (female) in the county, Chengguan town Kindergarten Teachers
Advanced Team (worker pioneer number) 40
Danjiangkou Boao Aquatic Products Co., Ltd Fishery Production Workshop
Hubei xin Yue Hai Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Welding workshop fixation welding class
Hebei ya da Automotive Plastics Co., Ltd. Shiyan branch Molding section
Shiyan City Wuqiang Cement Grinding Co., Ltd. Laboratory
State network Hubei Power Company, Yunxi power supply Company on Tianjin power supply
Wuhan Wu Shang Supermarket Management Co., Ltd. Shiyan Yunxi Shopping Plaza Food Shing
Zhushan County State Taxation Bureau Third Tax Bureau to run tax Service Hall
Zhushan County Sanitation Management Garbage removal team
Hubei Li Lai Technology Co., Ltd. Assembly workshop Coil Winding
Hubei Zhuxi Human Fu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Quality Control Research Center
Fang Heng Tong Development Co., Ltd. two bus tracks
Fang Chengxin Auto Parts Co., LTD welding and fitting workshop
Shiyan Tong Chong Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. CNC machining Team
Heng Jin Induction Technology (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. Electric control workshop
Shiyan Ming Asia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. workpiece workshop
Shiyan City and Trade Co., Ltd. technology R & D team
Dongfeng Silver Wheel (Shiyan) Automotive Heat Exchanger CO., Ltd. Urea tank class
Shiyan Longyuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. injection factory
Shiyan Wudang Mountain Airport Management Co., Ltd. Ground service
Comprehensive law Enforcement Brigade of Scenic Area Bureau of Wudang Mountain Tourism Special Economic Zone
Shiyan Garden Greening Administration Maojian Greening management
Shiyan Archives Bureau Consulting Service Utilization window
Shiyan Jia Yu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. "Lei Feng" team
Shiyan Automobile Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Vulcanization Class C
Shiyan City Highway Authority Big Gorge Ultra limited transportation Vehicle Inspection Station
Hubei province Shiyan Heng Yun Group Limited liability company Passenger Center station ticketing class
National network Hubei Electric Power company Huanglong Beach Hydropower Plant operating in the field patrol class
Shiyan City new Figure Water Conservancy and hydropower Survey Design Co., Ltd chief Engineer Room
Shiyan New Cooperation Supermarket Co., Ltd. Security Department
Bai Lang station shunting team in Shiyan car Service section
Shiyan People's Hospital emergency and severe medical department
Shiyan Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital in section Ⅰ
Shiyan City Construction Archives and underground Pipelines Management (inspection) section
Hubei three-Ring Special Automobile Co., ltd to refit the hydraulic class
Hubei Northwest Expressway Operation Management Co., Ltd. Bai sang Guan
Shiyan City Cereals Oils group Shiyan Rations Depot
China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch integrated Service Support Center
Stamping class of general casting and forging factory of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Forging Co., Ltd. forging a job of three classes
Dongfeng Special Steam (Shiyan) Bus Co., Ltd. assembly line
Car City Craftsman (10)
Wang Jianqing Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. General Assembly Plant Transfer Inspection one workshop loading and adjusting work
Zhang Yanan Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd CNC Milling
Guo Wenfang (female) Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. Technical Center physical Metallographic Lab
Zhang Dragon Shiyan Heng Yun Group Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd. Maintenance technician
Wang Wei Hubei huachang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Workshop director, technician, Turner
Wen Jiali China Railway 11 Bureau group Third Engineering Co., Ltd. welding workers
Xia Shunjun double star Dongfeng Tire Co., ltd All Steel tire Factory fitter
Wang Jianhua Wudang Mountain SAR Arts Handicraft Factory technologist
Cao Hongxing Hubei hongxing Jewelry Co., Ltd. Jade carving art Master

Zhang Binghua Hubei God martial Arts Tea Development Co., LTD Senior Tea Division

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