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Hengjin Induction Participated in the Shanghai Energy Expert Review Meeting

May 4, 2017, Hengjin Induction wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Shangpin participated in the Shanghai energy expert review meeting. The meeting was jointly organized by the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center in conjunction with the Municipal Energy Conservation Association. The expert group members  come from lighting, motor, boiler and HVAC area. The total of 31 enterprises of 50 products participated in the review, the assessment process, including product reporting, expert questions, expert group review, totally three stages.

At the meeting, the experts according to the company to provide induction hardening machine energy-saving products to declare materials, testing reports, patents and qualifications, the product technical performance, energy efficiency and other aspects of validation and give a rating.

As early as March of this year, the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the letter issued a "green industrial development in Shanghai," thirteen five "plan. Planning to accelerate the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry, increase the green equipment technology research and development and application of energy-saving environmental protection to promote the strategic development of new industries. At the same time planning pointed out that by 2020 the environmental protection industry operating income reached 180 billion yuan.

The intelligent induction hardening complete sets of equipment developed by Hengjin Induction is a new generation of induction heat treatment energy saving equipment. Compared with the traditional resistance heating furnace or fuel heating furnace, induction hardening machine in the heating time, production efficiency, thermal efficiency, energy saving, equipment costs are far better than traditional equipment. In addition to energy conservation, the traditional equipment in the heating will produce exhaust pollution of the environment, and induction heating equipment in the work of quiet, environmentally friendly, does not produce harmful industrial waste, whether it is the ecological environment or the working environment are friendly.

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