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Company News

Happy Meeting, Passing and Sharing Happiness --- SHiyan Hengjin Induction Integration System Management
April 27, 2014 afternoon, Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology conference room crowded crowded, Hengjin staff and some staff relatives gathered together to meet the arrival of a happy meeting once a month. The meeting company "outstanding talent fund winner" family as a special guest, in the common witness of this happy moment, but also share the family brought the glory.

Warm field stage, the general manager of Mrs Wan Meihua first of the past part of the company points system management results to be affirmed, and hope that all staff make persistent efforts, as long as the hard work, get the more prizes, get prizes and honor opportunities are more , Is Hengjin company employees work for sure. 16:30, the meeting officially began in the cheerful music host Liu Shan debut, the first part of the staff is the most enthusiastic participation in the lucky draw, the prizes are edible oil, parasols, electric baking pan , Electric kettle, etc., related to all aspects of life, everywhere embodies the company's humanistic care. Whether it is a prize or not to win the prize, his face filled with a happy smile, but also set off the theme of the meeting is: happy meeting, transfer and share happiness.

Talent show links, electric control workshop Wang Xu a Andy Lau's "come to life", ushered in the scene several warm applause. Welding workshop Li Qingsong a Yan Weiwen's "father", touched all the presence of people, a "willing to peace and beauty of the world peace," sing the voice of all children. In a cheerful "scrub brush", drumming flowers to lead everyone into the climax of this event part.

At the end of the meeting, the total number of employees of the top 8 companies in April was announced, and the deeds of the award-winning staff were informed, and a reward for edible oil was given. Employees and invited to participate in the meeting of the families to give a reward umbrella, meaning Hengjin company is the umbrella of all employees, for the people into the wind and rain.

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