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35 "Famous Brand" in Hubei Province,China

This reporter learned from the City Trade and Industry Bureau on November 10, the Trade and Industry Bureau in this year's organization of the year 2009, Hubei Province, the famous trademark recognition work, the enterprise voluntary reporting, form review, expert review and media Publicity, the city of 35 trademarks were identified as "Hubei famous brand." This is also the city was identified "Hubei famous brand" the largest number of years.

This is 35 "Hubei famous brand" were Shiyan Gui Xiangxiang Food Co., Ltd. "Gui Lai Xiang", Zhushan County Baofeng Jewelry Co., Ltd. "Nu Wa Sky and map", Shiyan City Wudang Shanzhen products Development Co., Ltd. "Wu Zhen", Hubei Shunxi Biological Food Co., Ltd. "Shun River and map", Zhuxi Alpine Food Co., Ltd. "pro-mother", Yunxi County Yiqun home cooking plant "Wudang Daoji" , Hubei Wulong River Food Co., Ltd. "Tianhe", Danjiangkou Boao aquatic products limited liability company "good Yu Xuan", Danjiangkou City Han Dan Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. "Danjiang and map", Shiyan HengJin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. "Hengjin", Hubei Tianyuan Automobile Electric System Co., Ltd. "Tian Yun TY", Dongfeng (Shiyan) Auto Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. "Zhengxiang", Hubei Danjiangkou Dan Chuan Automobile Transmission Shaft Co., Ltd. "Dan", Hubei Province Danjiangkou Zhicheng Casting Co., Ltd. "Danzhi", Shiyan Shenli Auto Parts Co., Ltd. "Yu Chen", Shiyan Longchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. "LC", Shiyan Anyuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. The company's "good luck to", Shiyan and Body Co., Ltd. is the graphics, Shiyan up to the peak of the axis of the limited graphics company, Hubei Yanlong Automobile Co., Ltd. "yanlong", Shiyan East Sen Automotive Seals Co., Ltd. "East The "holy water", Hubei Longwangya Tea Industry Co., Ltd. "Longwangya", Zhuxi County Meizigong Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. "Mei Zigong", Zhuxi tribute tea Tea Co., Ltd. "plum Yinfeng and map", Hubei Wudang Mountain Eight Immortals view of the total field of tea "Wudang needle well", Hubei Province Bandung Tea Co., Ltd. "Shen Nong Arsenal ", Hubei Wudang Wine Co., Ltd." Danjiangkou source ", Hubei Shiyan Wudang Mountain Xian Xian Wine Co., Ltd." Wudang ", Shiyan Zhenwu Wine Co., Ltd." Qin Chu Guan ", Hubei Shoukang Yongle Business Group Limited The company's "Shoukang Yongle", Hubei Province Danjiangkou Kai Tai hormone limited liability company "big Yue and map", Hubei Jiukang Food Co., Ltd. "Jiukang" and Hubei Jinde Fu Food Co., Ltd. "Fu Man Chau."

Up to now, the city has a registered trademark of 4530, of which China's well-known trademarks 3 ("Mastery", "Chi Tian Jin Gang", "Jia Heng"), geographical indications trademark 11 ("Fangxian black fungus", " "" Fangxian white and "," Fangxian North Bupleurum "," Fangxian Gynostemma "," Yunxi Ma Tau goat "," Danjiang mouth turtle crackling "," Wudang gongmei "," "," Bamboo Creek Gongmi "," bamboo Creek fermented bean curd ").

It is understood that the province's total of 692 trademarks were identified as the 2013 "Hubei famous brand", the famous trademark is valid for 5 years. After the expiration of validity, need to re-apply for identification.

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