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Science and Technology Project Funds more than 10 million RMB (Shiyan Daily)

Recently, the author learned from the Maojian District Science and Technology Bureau, this year, the region vigorously implement the project to stimulate the strategy, and constantly improve the scientific and technological project demonstration, screening, reporting system, mining and screening project source, Targeted to organize enterprises to declare key projects, a total of national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects 57, 23 projects were established, of which two projects were classified as provincial-level major projects; new provincial engineering and technical center 3 , The provincial school and enterprise to build R & D center 2; for all kinds of science and technology project funds more than 10 million RMB.

It is understood that Shiyan Tongchuang Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. "dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) high-performance synchronizer assembly manufacturing technology development and application of research", Shiyan Hengjiin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. "1600 mm gear teeth high power Dual-frequency CNC quenching machine development "was listed as a provincial special project; Hubei Sanhuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd." T380 high-end heavy-duty logistics vehicle technology research and development and industrialization "was included in the provincial science and technology support program; Hubei Zigui special car Equipment Co., Ltd. "special car high-power independent hanging long output device" and other projects were listed as provincial innovation fund project; Huachang Da Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. "Hubei Province, intelligent transportation equipment engineering technology research center" and other three companies Engineering Technology Research Center was named the provincial engineering and technology research center; Shiyan City, Chi Tian Automobile Co., Ltd. and Wuhan University of Technology joint construction of the "construction of waste dump truck key parts R & D center", Shiyan Fulongshan Green Food Development Co., Ltd. and Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural Products Processing and Nuclear Technology Institute of the joint construction of the "edible fungus food research and development center" was successfully approved enterprises in Hubei Province to build research and development center.

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