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Set up Platform Display Skills to Implement Talent Strategy

Reporter Zhou Yongxing correspondent Zhou Yong reported: December 3 morning, in the Maojian District Government on the third floor conference room, by the Shiyan City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Maojian District People's Government, Hubei Vocational and Technical College, Maojian District Unofficial Department, Maojian District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Maojian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau contractors, Shiyan City Zhuangyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. title "Oak Bay Cup" Maojian District, the second auto industry skills contest Come to an end.

Held this skill contest, is Maojian District, a positive response to the municipal government to implement the "3331 Talent Project" call to promote the implementation of talent strategy, fully demonstrated Maojian District automobile production enterprises and high vocational schools vocational skills And the spirit of the face, to promote school-enterprise cooperation, production and research docking and corporate culture, the establishment of the discovery of talent, personnel training, the introduction of talent, retain talent, promote employment system and mechanism for the "second venture, transformation and development" to provide high-quality human resources Guaranteed a useful attempt.

The contest on November 15 at the Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry opened a total of 38 car manufacturers of skilled workers and 3 high, vocational college students a total of 138 players were through theoretical testing and practical operation, in November 16 days to complete the NC lathe, CNC milling, ordinary lathe, ordinary fitter, ordinary welder 5 job skills competition. Judging by the competition referee committee, contest organizing committee validation, reported to the city human resources and social security bureau, Maojian District government approval, five individual competition one, two, three prize all announced.

The skills of the five types of skills competitions are: CNC lathe skills champion - Chen Zhitong, CNC milling skills champion - Yan Yongxin, general lathe skills champion - Zhang Minggen, ordinary fitter skills champion - Song Shilei, general welder skills champion - Each prize $ 10,000; individual competition second, three a total of 10 players won the second prize, each prize money of 3,000 yuan; individual competition fourth to nine a total of 30 players won the third prize, each prize money 1000 Yuan; another five players won the Excellence Award. From the results of the game: five first prize, the school won the number of 3 people, accounting for 60%; enterprise award number 2, accounting for 40%. From the proportion of winners: 12 students, accounting for 27%; 33 workers, accounting for 73%.

Won the first prize of the project players, in addition to being awarded the "2014 Year Maojiao District vocational skills champion" title, the age of 35 years of age will also be the Communist Youth League Maojian District awarded the "Maojian District youth post expert" honorary title. At the same time, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will also win the contest for each project one or two prize players, according to the procedures to declare the technician qualification, won the third prize of the players according to the procedure to declare senior professional qualifications.

In this contest, with the enterprise skilled workers on the same stage there are many students in the school. Through this skill contest, a group of outstanding student players stand out. In the Maojiao District United Front Work Department, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce under the coordination of the organization, after winning students, the company's two-way independent choice, 12 students and Shiyan Tongchuang Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., universal accessible shares, Shiyan three help Equipment Co., Ltd. And other enterprises signed an intentional employment agreement.

It is understood that this contest is organized by the Maojian District, the second auto industry skills event. Through this competition, to achieve the level of communication skills and learn from the school, to further find out the Maojian District automobile industry, the overall distribution of skills to promote the area between schools and enterprises between the establishment of school-enterprise relations, but also for the area The employment of high-skilled personnel in the automobile industry laid the foundation.

Champion style

Midnight last month, "Oak Bay Cup" Maojian District, the second auto industry skills contest, much attention from all walks of life. In recent days, after theoretical testing and practical operation of the two links of the fierce competition, five individual competition one, two, three prize yesterday announced all.

The contest is at the critical stage of Mao Zedong's "second pioneering work and transformation and development", and it is of great significance to accelerate the formation of "talent depression" in Maojian District, and create a soft environment of "talented magnetic field".

Chen Zhitong 21-year-old CNC lathe skills champion Hubei Vocational and Technical College students

Awards: As a student in the school, through this contest with the workers master on the same stage and winning, I am very happy and very excited. Thank you very much for your trust and support and encouragement! I would like to thank the leaders for their support and give us the training and competition of the venue, equipment; thanks to Xue Jiaxin teacher's well-trained, let us learn more More practical skills, benefited.

Although I won the prize, but I know that there are a lot of things you need to learn. I will work in the future, to speed up the pace, humbly learn from the old master, do every job. In the future, I will all the wisdom and strength dedicated to the construction and development of Maojian District, hard work, passionate dream, and strive to do better!

Li Xiong 30-year-old general welder skills champion Longhai steam tank car business unit staff
Awards: The contest for the automotive industry skills to build a mutual learning, learn skills, common progress platform, let us learn a lot of textbooks do not have the knowledge. In the guidance of the teacher's help, and the exchange of participants in the study, our actions have to be standardized. In this competition, I realized the importance of teamwork: unity and cooperation, work together to create a greater miracle. Modern society not only need highly educated talent, but also need skilled technical workers. This skill contest let me understand: Maojian District, the district government and the community are generally respect for skilled workers, we must be good at seizing every opportunity to exercise their own, dare to challenge to the self, the only way to gain personal development And social progress and win-win situation. Song Shi Lei 17 years old Shiyan senior vocational school students ordinary fitter skills champion

Awards: very honored on behalf of Shiyan senior vocational school to participate in this skill contest, and won the first fitter project first prize. This is the first prize in my life, for me in terms of extraordinary significance.

Through this skill contest, I learned the professional skills not only won the affirmation, but also exercise the will to improve the personal ability and psychological quality. I firmly believe that this is just a beginning, the results only represent the past, I have many shortcomings, many players superb skills and unremitting spirit worth learning. Flowers and applause, honor and praise will be my life on the road booster, to promote my continuous progress, fearless and courageous. In the future, I will through their own efforts to return to better results parents, return teachers, return to school, return to the community!

Yan Yongxin 21-year-old Hubei Institute of Automotive Industry CNC milling skills champion
Awards: As a CNC milling group, I got a good result in this competition. I would like to thank the school for giving me this opportunity, but also thanks to train my teacher, because they are hard to pay, only today's harvest.

This skill contest makes me know a lot: to be successful, must have enough patience, enough confidence and not afraid of the spirit of not afraid of tired. Through this skill contest, I clearly know that I have a lot of professional skills in the future, in the future study and work, I want to constantly improve their professional knowledge and professional skills, in a brave, the more courageous fighting spirit , Raised the dream of the sail.

Zhang Minggen 45 years old Shiyan HengJin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. staff ordinary lathe skills champion

Winner: In the 2012 "Prin Cup" auto industry skills contest, I won the second place. The match made me see the gap between myself and other peers. This two years, I Hengjin company than school catch up, help each other in the work environment, continue to spur their own adherence to learning, and constantly improve. After two years of training, in the Maojian District organized the "Oak Bay Cup" skills contest, I made the first good results, but also know a lot of skilled friends. Here, I would like to pay special attention to the Maojian District Government, the City Council gave us a platform to show themselves, a platform for friends, a platform to enhance technology, but also thanks to Hengjin company's strong support for me. I hope that the Maojian District Government in the future to hold more, larger skills contest, the establishment of "find, train, introduce, retain" the long-term talent mechanism to promote the rapid development of Maojian automobile industry, efficient and healthy development.

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