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Shiyan " Economic Entrepreneurs " announced in 2014

Yesterday afternoon, seven annual economic figures Chen Peng, Liu Zexuan (due to travel, by colleagues on behalf of the collar), Fu Jianwei, Wang Suqiang, Zhu Si cool, Yang Chunpeng, Zhang Qi (from left to right) came to accept the award. In the afternoon, the annual ceremony of the "City", "Economic News", "Economic News" awards ceremony held in the Municipal People's Hospital multi-function hall was held, the top ten annual economic news, seven annual economic figures, four annual economic innovation , Three annual economic cutting-edge figures one by one announced. Figure / reporter Zhang Qiguo

The city of the People's Hospital of the multi-purpose hall was held, the top ten annual economic news, the annual economic news, the annual economic news, the annual economic news, 7 annual "economic entrepreneurs", four annual "economic innovation", three annual "economic cutting-edge characters" one by one announced. City leaders Wu Shijie, Liu Xuehua, Lu Fuchang attended the awards ceremony.

Yesterday's awards ceremony in an atmosphere of dance "open the door see hi" kicked off. Live broadcast of the video, the "South-North Water Diversion Line officially through the water", "Yunyang return center city construction re-force" and other ten annual "economic news" one by one announced; Shiyan City, the rise of Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Wang, 7 outstanding entrepreneurs were elected as the annual "economic entrepreneurs", Shiyan Heng Jin Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wan Meihua and other four entrepreneurs elected as "annual economic innovation figures", Hankou Bank Shiyan Branch Governor Zheng Rong and other three companies Home was named "annual economic cutting-edge figures."

According to reports, 2014 is the economic downturn in Shiyan, colorful year. In the past year, the city from top to bottom firmly follow the "market decision to choose, green decided to life and death, people's livelihood to determine the purpose of" three-dimensional outline, competing into the quality of continuous force, upgrade efficiency continues to deepen, which embodies the city's construction The wisdom and sweat, Shiyan "annual economic figures" is one of the outstanding representatives.

Shiyan annual "economic entrepreneurs", "economic news" awards ceremony has become a major event in Shiyan economic sector, the selection and awards by the Municipal Propaganda Department, Shiyan radio and television contractors. 2014 "Shiyan Shuangjing" activities since the start of last November, has been enthusiastic response from all walks of life. The Democratic Party recommended, the media publicity, the masses vote, the judges and other procedures, the organizers conducted a period of more than three months of strict screening, there have been more than 60 million people involved in the final evaluation of the achievements of Shiyan 2014 economic achievements, The city's socio-economic development has far-reaching impact of the "annual economic news." Through the selection of a number of outstanding contributions in the regional economic development, with industry demonstration and social influence of economic figures, to further promote enterprise innovation and serve the city's economic and social development.

Top Ten "Economic News" in 2014
Qingqi ecological flag output green welfare
Within the outside of the local electric business "by boat to the sea"
Shiyan "a county a product" science and technology poverty by the state affirmed
26 companies listed on the multi-level capital market transactions re-triumph
Shiyan special car industry rose to provincial strategy
Dongfeng first show Hanover car show the city's auto exports a new high
The middle route of the South - to - North Water Diversion Project
"Wudang Tao" brand value into the national three strong agricultural products
Yunyang return to the central city construction re - force

Two high-speed opening of Shiyan traffic bottlenecks completely broken

2014 "economic entrepreneurs"
"Annual economic figures" (7):
Wang Renqiang Chairman of Shiyan Guanshenglou Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Fu Jianwei House (Shiyan) Home Market Management Co., Ltd. General Manager
Zhu Si Shuang Hubei Shiyan Rural Commercial Bank Chairman
Director of China Agricultural Bank of Shiyan Branch
Yang Chunpeng, Chairman of Shiyan Baimi Zhenying Co., Ltd.
Zhangqi Hubei Shenlong Air Intake System Co., Ltd. General Manager

Chen Peng Dongfeng Aetna (Shiyan) Automotive Electrical System Co., Ltd. Chairman

"Annual economic innovation" (4):
Jin Wenxi Shiyan Jin Chengxin Investment Co., Ltd. General Manager
Shen Junjian Chairman of Danjiangkou Boao Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

He Jingdong wind special steam (Shiyan) Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Chairman

"Annual economic cutting-edge figure" (3):
Feng Jian Shiyan billion pulse Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman
Shen Hongliang Su Wine Group Hubei Lihua Village Wine Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager

Zheng Rong Hankou Bank Shiyan Branch President

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