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Establish Ecological Tax Credit System to Jointly Promote the Tax Law

The construction of ecological civilization is inseparable from the development of social economy, taxation plays an important role in regulating the economic development and ecological civilization construction.

In promoting the construction of social credit information system, our 413 enterprises were honored as Shiyan City A Credit Taxpayers jointly by the State Taxation Bureau of Shiyan City and the Local Taxation Bureau of Shiyan City. As the Republic of the integrity of taxpayers, we feel no glory and a great responsibility.

South-to-North Water Diversion, success or failure in water quality, continued by ecological. At present, China is in the industrialization and urbanization stage of rapid development, industrial waste water, waste gas and solid waste emissions increased rapidly, which the ecological environment caused great pressure. As the core water source area of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, it is imperative to reduce pollution and develop green economy. Optimizing the economic structure, developing the green economy and promoting industrial transformation are the important "power source" of economic development. It is the duty and duty of every taxpayer. It is a vivid embodiment of "loving the motherland, loving the people and loving the hometown". The country should be rich and strong, society should be improved, people's living environment should be improved, and the support of green economy can not be separated. The development of green economy is a great event and a good thing for the country and the people.

Green economy is closely related to the long-term development of enterprises. Only by adhering to green production can we establish a good social image so as to achieve faster development and achieve long-term development. We will make more and greater contributions to the country and the people. Only by developing the green economy Adapt to the new situation, the international and domestic market, fierce competition. A successful operator, should be a low-power, non-polluting green production leader. In order to enhance the taxpayers 'sense of paying taxes in accordance with the law and the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, we have launched a "green and sustainable development" social atmosphere in the whole society. We have issued the taxpayers' "honest taxation according to law, build ecological taxation and serve the South

First, we must vigorously develop the green economy. Green economy is a global economic trend, is the revolution of industrial marketization, standardization of production and industrial management of the revolution is the only way for sustainable development.

Second, we must actively carry out energy-saving emission reduction. Consciously improve the production process, production processes, increase sewage treatment facilities, rational planning of the production of waste re-use, conscientiously do a good job of energy-saving emission reduction work.

Third, we must innovation and development of green products. And gradually phase out more polluting, low-tech products, and actively develop small energy consumption, pollution, high-tech green products.

Fourth, we must adhere to the law in good faith tax. To create green tax-based, in accordance with the integrity of tax pride, take the initiative, according to the law, truthfully and promptly declare and pay taxes, do not do false accounting, tax evasion, tax evasion, tax, tax, environmental protection Exemplary and honest taxpayer.

Environmental relations between you and me, rely on everyone. Let us join hands and take the road of green production and ecological protection, and promote the good development of green society, promote ecological development, create green tax, build a better car city, to build a moderately prosperous society, service area Of the central city construction, to make our due contribution!

Shiyan Hengjin Induction was the only heat treatment enterprise which got the honor of Shiyan City A Credit Taxpayer. 

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