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Company News

Shiyan City, "Legal Knowledge into the Campus, Donation Books for the Children" Activities Love Unit Donation Situation Publicity
Shiyan City Social Management Comprehensive Management Committee Office, Shiyan City, according to the rule of the city work leading group office, the Communist Youth League Shiyan City Committee, Shiyan City, concerned about the next generation of work committees, Shiyan City Hope Project Management Office and other units jointly carried out "legal knowledge into the campus, Donated books for the children "activities, the city's enterprises and institutions, social groups and the community's enthusiastic people's participation and strong support. As of December 10, the cumulative income of 120 units to receive donations 404484.3 yuan. All donations for the purchase of the law of the book "Youth Fortress - primary and secondary school students crime prevention manual" 21630 (18.70 yuan / volume), to the city more than 40 rural primary and secondary schools and migrant workers with their children to receive compulsory education designated schools free of charge. We will now receive donations and book donations as follows (in alphabetical order):
Shiyan City "legal knowledge into the campus, I donated books for children" activities love donation unit list
No. Love Unit Donation Amount (RMB) No. Love Unit Donation Amount (RMB) No. Love Unit Donation Amount (RMB)
1 Shiyan Golden Lady wedding photography 37402 Shiyan Anyuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. 100003 Shiyan City Hengliang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 10004 Shiyan City Fu Anna bedding shop 10005 Shiyan City Lee Road Road Construction Co., Ltd. 60006 Shiyan City Power Supply Company 18707 Wushang Group Shiyan People's Shopping Center Co., Ltd. 93508 Shiyan City Center Sub-branch 1209 Shiyan New Cooperative Supermarket Co., Ltd. 935010 Shiyan City, wide decorative design Engineering Co., Ltd. 374011 Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. 187012 Guodian Dadu River Dao Lingzi Hydropower Co., Ltd. 207013 Shiyan City Soil and Water Conservation Workstation 187014 Shiyan City Sunshine Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 1122015 Hubei Super Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 935016 Shiyan City Planning and Design Institute 224417 Wuyan Shopping Center Co., Ltd. 200018 Hubei Wanlianda Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 374019 Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch 935020 China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch 935021 China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch 187022 Hubei Sanhuan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. 200023 Guodian Changyuan Block River Hydropower Co., Ltd. 336624 Shiyan City Vegetable Trade Corporation 561025 Shiyan Cape of Good Hope Technology Development Co., Ltd. 561026 Hubei Pharmaceutical Group Shiyan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 187027 Shiyan Friendship Hospital 187028 Shiyan Road Wei Traffic Survey and Design Co., Ltd. 374029 Shiyan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital 374030 Shiyan City Red Cross Hospital 2169.231 Shiyan City Yun Fat Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. 93532 Hubei Unicom Company Shiyan Branch 200033 Shiyan Shuanghuan Highway Construction Co., Ltd. 935034 Shiyan City Architectural Design and Research Institute 935035 State Power Zhuxi Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. 280536 China Postal Savings Bank Shiyan Branch 200037 Shiyan City Academy of Agricultural Sciences 93538 Shiyan City People's Government Vegetable Office 37439 Shiyan City Construction Investment Development Corporation 392.740 Shiyan City Water Resources Survey Bureau 56141 Shiyan City Wanshunda Taxi Co., Ltd. 187042 Shiyan Oriental Shengyu Turquoise Cultural Products Pavilion 1122043 Shiyan City Ninetowns Survey and Design Co., Ltd. 187044 Armed Police Force Shiyan City Detachment 569545 Hubei Yongxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 500046 Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. Commercial Vehicle Casting Plant 561047 Hubei Century COSCO Group 935048 China Railway 11 Bureau Group Third Engineering Co., Ltd. 50549 Shiyan Jinding Textile Industry Co., Ltd. 374050 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch 56151 Shiyan City Labor Institute 187052 Shiyan PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. 194053 Hubei Tianlin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 935054 People's Liberation Army 62 *** Force 467755 Shiyan Jun District 1000056 Shiyan Tianshun Transportation Co., Ltd. 500057 Shiyan City Fire Brigade 561058 Hubei Tianhai Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. 500059 China ** Bank Shiyan City Branch 1684.460 Shiyan and letter Maoyuan Trading Co., Ltd. 500061 Shiyan City State Taxation Bureau 561062 Shiyan City Local Taxation Bureau 561063 Shiyan City Jinjia Materials Trade Co., Ltd. 1000064 Hubei Kaihui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. 935065 Shiyan City, the new map of water conservancy and hydropower survey and design company 374066 Shiyan City People's Air Defense Office 100067 Shiyan City Federation of Trade Unions 187068 Shiyan Marine Property Co., Ltd. 500069 Shiyan City Bureau of Finance 384070 Shiyan City Environmental Protection Bureau 187071 Shiyan City Land Resources Bureau 187072 Shiyan City Tourism Bureau 100073 Shiyan City Forestry Bureau 935074 Shiyan City State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 112275 Shiyan City Accounting Administration 150076 Shiyan City Endowment Insurance Bureau 100078 Shiyan City Art School 50078 Shiyan City Science and Technology Bureau 82079 Shiyan City Bureau of Justice 100080 Shiyan ** Branch 187081 Shiyan City Agricultural Machinery Authority 37482 Hubei Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shiyan Branch 100083 Shiyan City Administration for Industry and Commerce 374084 Shiyan City Local Taxation Bureau Zhangwan Branch 37485 Shiyan City Museum 100086 Shiyan City Radio, Film and Television Bureau 100087 Shiyan City Meteorological Bureau 100088 Shiyan City Dongming Property Development Co., Ltd. 93589 Shiyan City Urban Construction Supervision Detachment 18790 Shiyan City Labor and Employment Management Bureau of Shijiazhuang City People's Procuratorate 374096 Shiyan City Economic Research Institute 5097 Shiyan City Immigration Development Bureau 100098 Shiyan City People's Procuratorate 374096 Shiyan City People's Procuratorate 374096 Shiyan City, Shiyan City Health Bureau 187099 City Population and Family Planning Commission 935100 Shiyan City Intermediate People's Court 3740101 Shiyan City Non-Tax Revenue Administration 1000102 Shiyan City Housing Provident Fund Management Center 1870103 Shiyan Municipal Government Poverty Alleviation and Development Office 1000104 Shiyan City Bidding Supervision and Administration Bureau 1870105 Shiyan City City Planning Administration 9350106 Shiyan City Administration Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau 2057107 Hubei Medical College 1870108 Shiyan City Health Supervision Bureau 935109 Shiyan City Archives 200110 Shiyan City Bureau of Statistics 374111 Shiyan City Health Bureau Dongfeng Branch 480112 Shiyan City Local Taxation Bureau Maojian Branch 374113 Hubei Shenwu Tianwei Wild Wine Co., Ltd. 9350114 Shiyan City earthquake disaster reduction technology center 3740115 Shiyan Safety Production Supervision Bureau 900116 Shiyan City Sports and Sports Bureau 1870117 Shiyan City Price Bureau 935118 Hubei Huanglongtan hydroelectric power plant 1870119 Shiyan City Medical Insurance Administration 1870120 Hubei Tobacco Company City of Shiyan City
Total: $ 40,448,4.30
Shiyan City "legal knowledge into the campus, I donated books for children" activities received a list of schools
Number of schools
1 Danjiangkou City, Liu Li Ping Township Primary School 500 2 Danjiangkou City Wave River Town Sihe Primary School 100 3 Danjiangkou Tu Guanya New Century Hope Primary School 100 4 Yunxi County Jiahe Township Dao Lingzi Completely Primary School 260 5 Yunxi County Tumen town junior high school 600 6 Yunxian Anyang town town valley complete primary school 300 7 Yunxian white mulberry town nine years school system 300 8 Yunxian Qingqu town center primary school 100 Yunxian Nanhua Town Junior high school 500 10 Yunxian Wufeng Township Deloitte Hope Primary School 300 Prefectural Yinji Fu Middle School 500 Prefectural Yao Ping Middle School 300 Book 13 Township Big Wood Town Large Wood Junior High School 500 14 Zhushan County Guandu Town Center School 500 15 Zhushan County Baofeng Town Shuangba Center Primary School 600 Zhuzhu County Leigu Town Friendship Hope Primary School 300 Songs 17 Zhuxi County E Pingxiang Center School 200 Songzhu County Chengguan Shoujin Branch Primary School 500 19 Zhuxi County Chengguan Town Water Zhaiquan primary school 400 volumes 20 Shiyan City Experimental Primary School 1100 Shiyan City Wuyan Primary School 600 22 Shiyan City Liulin Primary School 2000 23 Shiyan Dongfeng Railway School 500 Volume 24 Shiyan Dongfeng Primary School 1000 Book 25 Maojian District Mao Ta Township Daping Center primary school 50 volumes 26 Maojian District Okawa school 250 volumes 27 Maojian District Wenjin school 1000 volumes 28 Shiyan City, Chongqing Road Primary School 300 volumes 20 Shiyan City, Guangdong Road Primary School 650 volumes 30 Maojian District Railway Station Primary School 750 Zhangzhou District Xigou Township Central Elementary School 100 Zhangwan District Huanglong Lijiawan Primary School 300 Book 33 Zhangwan District Huaguo Shanghe Primary School 400 volumes 34 Zhangwan District Tumen Primary School 100 volumes 35 Zhangwan District Checheng Street Office Jingtan Elementary School 100 36 Zhangwan District Furnace Primary School 750 37 Zhangwan District Yewan Primary School 200 38 Shiyan Economic Development Zone Bai Lang Primary School 1000 Volume 39 Shiyan Economic Development Zone Road Primary School 1000 Volume 40 "12.4" Pufa Day Publication Book 2620

A total of 21630 copies

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