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The Development of Maojian District in Shiyan City
This reporter, this year, Maojian economic and social development how to compete to improve quality? "Around the 'two districts and two centers' development orientation, to promote the transformation, optimize the layout as the main direction, and constantly enhance the traditional industries, vigorously cultivate new industries, the construction of modern industrial agglomeration area, to create Maojian transformation and development, across the development of a new situation. , Maojian District Party Committee Secretary Zhao Zhe in the region's economic work will be said.
Promote industrial upgrading. Based on the strategic positioning of the "core area of the international commercial vehicle", we will accelerate the development of new industrial agglomeration area, advanced manufacturing cluster area, high-tech industry incubation area and industrial upgrading leading area to accelerate the vehicle, automobile assembly and key Parts as a leader, set research and development, production, logistics, sales and service in one of the automobile industry system construction, the formation of a more complete automotive industry chain. Support the Dongfeng Industrial, Chi Tian Automobile and other enterprises to develop new energy vehicles and all kinds of special vehicles; support the first gallop, Prin gear and other key zero, to support the development of new energy vehicles and all kinds of special vehicles; Component assembly upgrade; urge Jinchuan Pharmaceutical, Runlong Pulp and other biotechnology projects as soon as possible to start; support Huachang Da, Heng Jin technology and other equipment manufacturing enterprises bigger and stronger; planning and construction of camel ditch car electronics industry park, new building materials Industrial park, lighting industrial park, vigorously cultivate new industries.
Development and expansion of modern service industry. The area will continue to improve the degree of commercial agglomeration, promote the adjustment of commercial outlets, enhance the quality of commercial facilities, improve the proportion of new formats, improve service functions, to create a highly prosperous modern metropolitan business center. Encourage the logistics and other logistics enterprises to do strong production logistics; to support Kyushu and other enterprises to do life-oriented logistics; to improve the surrounding traffic conditions, enhance the railway station business district radiation driven capacity, the new cultivation of commercial enterprises 15, and strive to achieve annual turnover of 190 To guide the business buildings to improve the functional support to attract a number of leading enterprises in the industry headquarters; for Hubei banks and other financial institutions settled, and enhance capital accumulation and absorption capacity; to speed up the construction of commercial city square, hundred century city and other cities Body, to further enhance the city service functions and taste.

Speed up the pace of travel to promote agriculture. Adhere to the global planning, multi-point layout, highlight the characteristics, accelerate the development of tourism, enhance the vitality of rural economic development. To the Hanjiang ecological economic zone as a guide, to promote the racing Wudang area, Qinba Ecological Botanical Garden, the race Wudang folk cultural park and other tourism projects; continue to organize various tourism festivals, to enhance the visibility of Maojian tourism; continue to implement the city of Dachuan new Rural demonstration town construction, striving for Hubei tourism town; transformation and upgrading of the Baihe River leisure corridor, to build four-star farmhouse music more than 10; promote Okawa town Okawa village city "three" synchronous model village and Tang village new rural construction ; Support Wudang biological medicine, dragon arrow Wudang tea company and other leading enterprises in agriculture bigger and stronger, focusing on cultivating Dachuan Town, Langxi village pollution-free vegetables, "race Wu when the sword tea", "when honeysuckle" and other characteristics of the brand.

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