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Shiyan Maojian District: the Whole World to Promote Cross
Special correspondent Li Qidong Ma Xiaolu reporter Liu Huanjun Yu Jie
Shiyan Chi Tian Automobile Co., Ltd., the peak of the shaft Co., Ltd., Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd., the first Chi car frame Co., Ltd., and Body Co., Ltd. is more than 100 industrial enterprises production and sales booming.
Beijing Blue Sky Dacheng Building Materials Industrial Park, Chu Shang IPO Venture Park and a number of large projects invested 50 billion yuan have signed the implementation of the contract.
Maojian District as Shiyan central city, the automobile industry developed, commercial logistics prosperity, science and education culture strength. How to build the central city of Hubei, Henan, Henan and Chongqing adjacent to the construction of "one nuclear multi-fulcrum" to develop a new pattern of strategy to clarify their own new coordinates? Combined with in-depth development of "learning" activities, Maojian District, the overall planning of the "two districts and two centers" (the core of the international commercial vehicle area, the national ecological civilization first area, regional modern service center, regional tourism distribution center), to build The core area of Shiyan regional center city.
Striving for the national commercial vehicle parts high-tech industrial base, to build the core area of international commercial vehicles. The area insists on the development of vehicle development, focusing on the development of parts and components, around the construction of new industrial clusters, advanced manufacturing cluster, high-tech industry incubation area and industrial upgrading leading area objectives, accelerate the vehicle, car assembly and key Parts as a leader, set research and development, production, logistics, sales and service in one of the automobile industry system construction, the formation of a more complete automotive industry chain.
Adhere to the green development, the construction of national ecological civilization first area. The area firmly established the concept of "protection is development, ecology is wealth, civilization is charm", strengthen ecological and environmental protection, carry out comprehensive management of small watershed, promote energy conservation and cleaner production, focus on remediation of farmhouse smoke, increase the bare mountain governance , Extensive afforestation, promote the construction of flower corridor, to build livable industry should be ecological new area, to ensure that "a river of water to the north."
Breakthrough development of modern service industry, the construction of regional modern service center. The district continues to improve the degree of commercial agglomeration, promote the adjustment of commercial outlets, enhance the quality of commercial facilities, improve the proportion of new formats, improve service functions, create a highly prosperous modern metropolitan business center, and further enhance the city service functions and taste.
Breakthrough development of tourism industry, build a regional tourism distribution center. The area of the tourism economy as an important economic development of the region's growth pole, highlighting the "race Wu Dao Taoist health tour, Bai River folk culture tour, Mao tower ecological leisure travel, Dongfeng Industrial Park car culture tour, Si River water landscape tour, college Park cultural landscape tour, the central city shopping leisure travel "seven tourism theme, the formation of a competitive tourism products, improve the attractiveness of urban tourism.

Insist on "the first carry, innovation performance" target, to the high pole jumping, Maojian District development momentum. It is expected that in the first half of the year, the total industrial output value will be 14.5 billion yuan, the total retail sales of social consumer goods will be 8.3 billion yuan, the fixed assets will be 7.1 billion yuan and the total fiscal revenue will be 730 million yuan.

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