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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Attended Bauma China 2016 with New Generation Induction Heating Power Supply

About 170,000 visitors from 149 countries and regions around the world. 2016 China International Construction Machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, engineering vehicles and equipment Expo in 2016 November 22-25 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center successfully held. This exhibition gathered from 41 countries and regions, 2953 domestic and foreign enterprises.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction is one of the leading enterprises in heat treatment industry, with its new generation of digital induction heating power shown in the exhibition, and attract many new and old customers and professional visitors to visit the booth.

A new generation of digital induction heating power IGBT inverter uses the new digital signal processing control technology, making efficient heating power supply. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of metal heat treatment, welding, melting, through heat and other thermal processing industry. It has the following characteristics:
1. Frequency range, super sonic and high-frequency, one power supply with two frequencies, to meet customer requirements on-site process;
2. Process adjustment is simple, user-friendly operation;
3. Safe and reliable, the success rate of 100% start;
4. Small size, saving the use of space;
5. Long service life, easy maintenance, less cost;
6. The protection function is perfect, safe and reliable;
7. Transmission distance, so that users flexible installation site flexibility;
8. Import brand devices, quality assurance.

This exhibition is  the third exhibition that Shiyan Hengjin Induction have been attended since 2008, Hengjin induction in these years has always been with the construction machinery industry wind and rain counterparts, and grow together. During the exhibition, Hengjin exhibited the solution of the key transmission parts of the construction machinery, such as axle shaft automatic hardening machine, pin shaft automatic hardening machine, chain link quenching / tempering machine, supporting wheel/riding wheel hardening machine, guiding wheel / driven wheel quenching machine, pin bush automatic internal / external wall hardening production lines. Hengjin committed to the field of construction machinery for many customers to provide quality and efficient induction heat treatment solutions for the sake of customers, enhance customer products in the industry's competitiveness.

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