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Shiyan Hengjin Induction and XCMG Together Created Intelligent Pin Bush Induction Hardening Production Line

Recently, the self-developed intelligent pin bush internal / external wall induction hardening equipment was accepted the test of XCMG, The set of induction hardening equipment for engineering machinery pin bush hardening. A high degree of automation equipment, and on-site production line with the XCMG on-line communication equipment, it can realize automated production.

XCMG as an international leader in the field of construction machinery, construction machinery and equipment in 2015 output reached 24,100 units. In order to ensure the normal delivery and use of construction machinery and equipment, Shiyan Hengjin induction and XCMG to create a set of intelligent automatic pin bush induction hardening production line, in addition to upgrading the pin bush quenching process, the set of equipment also significantly improve the efficiency of quenching pin parts. For the entire construction machinery and equipment manufacturing saves time and cost.

 Intelligent pin bush induction hardening equipment

 Intelligent pin bush induction hardening equipment

Engineering machinery pin bush production line

Engineering machinery pin bush production line

Pin bush automatic induction hardening

Pin bush automatic induction hardening

Shiyan Hengjin induction creates efficient induction heat treatment solutions for customers to improve the heat treatment process and improve production efficiency in the field of construction machinery, its induction hardening machine have been applied to domestic and foreign well-known construction machinery manufacturing Such as: Sany Heavy Industry, Shantui, XCMG, Shandong Lingong, China Lonking, Jining Song Yue, Jining Jihua, Jining Ruibo, Yantai East Star and so on.

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