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New eight-station induction hardening equipment applied in the automotive industry

Induction Hardening using an induction heating method, the unique design of the inductor to ensure that all parts can be hardened.

For bell-shaped shell induction hardening process, a special inductor is used in order to prevent the bell-shaped shell deformation, in the induction heating process, the need for the outer surface of the liquid-cooled.
Sleeve roller groove induction hardening process there are two main ways, one is scanning hardening, one is a heating induction hardening. In addition to the cooling system has a unique requirement, while the slip sleeve into the inductor, the positioning must be very precise, to ensure the best hardening process, the process is very difficult. An induction heating hardening and scanning is different, the use of in-depth sliding sleeve, heating to reduce the deformation and local overheating, the need for auxiliary liquid spray on the outer surface of the cooling.

Shiyan Hengjin induction is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the induction heat treatment of automobile mechanical parts. Its induction quenching equipment can cover automobile brake shoes, all kinds of shafts, ring gears, three-column slot shells, bell-type shells and wheel bearings. Shiyan Hengjin induction with its perfect solutions, in improving the quality of technology at the same time, greatly enhance the production efficiency from the customer side.

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