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Company News

Shiyan City "Women Entrepreneurship Model" Candidates Publicity

01: Ding Haiqin, 51 years old, Shiyan Jinhai Wang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Chairman. 12 years ago, she decided to give up the work of state-owned enterprises comfortable, from a small garment factory. Today, she founded the enterprise annual production capacity of up to 200,000 sets of clothing, involving the industry uniforms, special protective clothing and labor insurance products, products exported to Europe, become the leading garment industry in Shiyan region. She has helped the government to train unemployed youth more than 300 people, arranged for urban unemployed youth, rural women workers, more than 120 people with disabilities. Zhangwan District, the company was identified as re-employment training base. In 2013, she was honored to be elected Zhangwan District "Top Ten Star".

02: Wan Meihua, 41 years old, Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager. She successfully developed a "new track quenching machine", leading Hengjin technology to become China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry leader. She bold innovation, the establishment of a set of effective compensation system and incentive mechanism, training and the establishment of a style and skillful staff. She care for employees, has invested nearly one million yuan to improve the office, the production environment. She enthusiastic public welfare, and actively return to the community, for the city charity donations 2 million yuan, was called "love mother."

03: Xi Yongzhi, 61 years old, Danjiangkou City Xinxing Fu Fu Gear Co., Ltd. Chairman. Her implementation of the "1510" work quality management law to ensure that the product factory pass rate of 99.9% or more. She led the technical backbone to overcome technical difficulties, the birth of the garment industry in Shiyan region the first provincial excellent products. She is concerned about the cause of the disabled, to absorb 21 people with disabilities employment. The company has developed into Danjiangkou City and even Shiyan leading enterprises in the region. She has been awarded the advanced women in Hubei Province meritorious individual, Shiyan City, a model worker, Shiyan City, to support the advanced level of personal honor and so on.

04: Mary, 39 years old, Shiyan Blue Shield Real Estate Co., Ltd., Shiyan Blue Shield Asset Management Co., Ltd. Chairman. She adhere to the "first-class service, first-class image, first-class quality, first-class brand" concept, the company operated by the family business model smoothly transformed into scientific management, norms, clear property rights of modern enterprises. The company has developed a "Blue Shield Garden", "China Building" commercial and residential buildings a total area of more than 40,000 square meters. The company for many years by the municipal government as Shiyan City, "outstanding private enterprises", "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", many times by the Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau as "consumer satisfaction units."

05: Wang Jie, 32 years old, general manager of Wudang Gapzhou International Travel Service Co., Ltd. She used a professional tourism mode of operation in the whole of Europe to promote Wudang Taoist health culture and Tai Chi martial arts culture, the formation of Wudang Taiji culture in the world's strong atmosphere, the company became the only Wudang Taiji cultural tourism operators in Hubei Province and Shiyan region's largest entry Travel agency. She has been Shiyan City Tourism Bureau, Wudang Mountain Special Administrative Committee as the tourism industry, "advanced individual", outstanding workers. The company was the municipal party committee, city tourism bureau awarded the "youth civilization" and the honorary title.

06: Liu Liangguo, 33 years old, Danjiangkou City Poria aquaculture professional cooperatives. In 2007, she completed a slaughter of 120,000 standardized chicken farms. Her "three-dimensional ecological cycle breeding" law, radiation led to more than 120 households around the fish, pig, chicken, the annual increase of farmers income of more than 50 million. She registered the establishment of the "Danjiangkou City Poria aquatic professional cooperatives" to attract the official members of 112 people. She was awarded the "national model worker" honorary title by the State Council, was awarded the "national rural youth technology rich leader" by the Central Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture, and was awarded the honorary title of "Hubei Province Labor Model" by the Hubei Provincial Government.

07: Liu Qunqun, 43 years old, Shiyan City Wudang Shanzhen series of product development Co., Ltd. chairman. Ten years, she put a small business without the development of a provincial key leading enterprises, so that "Wudang Shanzhen" become the flagship product of the market, "Wu Zhen" trademark was the title of the famous brand. As the president of the Shiyan City Agricultural Products Brokers Association, she led a large number of agricultural brokers and rural women left to get rich in business. In 2012, the association has developed and participated in more than 300 professional cooperatives. She has access to the province's supply and marketing system of advanced workers, Shiyan City, "51" Labor Medal and other honorary title.

08: Sun Min, 29 years old, Danjiangkou City Langhe town chicken farm field long. Graduated from college she took over a chicken farm, embarked on a difficult business path. She completed the original accumulation, the investment of 400 million yuan to build a standardized farm, four fully enclosed standard chicken coop feeding, to meet the ecological and intelligent standards, in 2010, Hubei Province, livestock and poultry standardized breeding demonstration field title. She has been awarded Danjiangkou City, "women entrepreneurship rich leader", "double learn double than" female experts such as the honorary title of the local college students to become a typical success of their own business.

09: Li Hong, 45 years old, Danjiangkou Bang Bang kindergarten long. In 1997, after she laid off the founder of Danjiangkou City, the first private kindergarten. 16 years, she bold use of advanced teaching methods at home and abroad, so that kindergartens from Danjiangkou City to Shiyan City, from the first one to today's development of 6, become a successful example of our private education. She has also won the "most promising kindergarten principals", "patriotic education best gardener", "Hubei Province re-employment star" honorary title. In 2013, she as a member of the Hubei "China Dream My Dream" propaganda mission, in the province touring their entrepreneurial experience and struggle process.

No. 10: Li Fengling, 43 years old, Yunxian white wave town of Fenghua pig cooperatives president. 14 years ago, she borrowed money to start the pig road. She changed the passive treatment of active health care model for the masses around the pig to provide a reference. She took the initiative to master their own pig skills to teach other pig farmers, and with the surrounding masses to establish a "professional cooperatives + farmers + market" relationship for the majority of pig farmers to provide a full range of services. She has been the state, provincial and county women's federation as "double learning double than" advanced female experts, and in April 2010 by the municipal government awarded the "model" honorary title.

11: He Aihua, 45 years old, chairman of Shiyan Huayi Real Estate Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of Linlang International Hotel. In 2003, she took over the bankruptcy has been the edge of the good cold storage limited company, a new head. Under her leadership, the company in 2008 profitability, growth into a storage capacity of two thousand tons of new, environmentally friendly, energy-saving modern enterprise. In 2011, she was elected vice president of Shiyan City Women's Chamber of Commerce. 2009 - 2012 by the city supply and marketing cooperatives as "outstanding communist". 2012 was Zhangwan District as "Top Ten Star" and "outstanding CPPCC members."

No. 12: Zhang Qin, 40 years old, Shiyan City, Yin domestic help domestic service company chairman. In 2003, after she laid the entrepreneurial eyes to the domestic industry. 10 years, she used the "flexible management" concept, to create a complete set of scientific and complete corporate culture system, the implementation of the staff management model by the home service staff welcome, founded in Hubei Province, the first domestic supermarket, to achieve community unemployment Laid-off workers on the job. At present, the company has more than 700 fixed staff, placement of employment of more than 10,000 people, the provincial Department of Commerce, Finance Department, the Federation of Trade Unions identified as the province's designated domestic training institutions.

No. 13: Zhang Jing, 40 years old, Hubei Jingjia Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Chairman. She always adhere to the "relying on the east, the service Dongfeng" business philosophy, the company became Dongfeng commercial vehicle owned franchise dealers and nearly 1,000 commercial vehicle parts dealers special suppliers. Today, the enterprise products are exported to Iran, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, Kenya and the United States and other countries, the company has become annual sales of billions of large auto parts trade enterprises. The company for three consecutive years was "the national auto parts market reputation dealers", "Hubei consumer satisfaction units" honorary title.

14: Zhang Lin, 25 years old, Zhushan County Taifu Livestock Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager. In 2011, with the support of his family, she built a standardized pig farm, and registered the establishment of the "Zhushan County Taifu Livestock Technology Co., Ltd.". In her careful business, the end of 2012, the company a total of 700 commercial pig slaughter, the sale of 100 pigs, the output value of more than 50 million. Now, she led the hometown people to develop pig breeding industry, out of a common prosperity of the road. In 2011, she won the Zhushan County, "top ten breeding big" title, in 2012 won the Zhushan County, "the top ten economic figures" title.

15: Zhang Xiaolian, 33 years old, Zhuxi County Quanxi Yiqun Konjac professional cooperatives. In 2011, as the village women's congress director she took the lead in the construction of 30 acres of varieties of konjac base. In 2012, with the support of the local government, she formed a Zhuxi County Yiqun konjac professional cooperatives. At present, cooperatives have konjac core demonstration base of 230 acres, the development of 157 members. Cooperatives won the "Hubei Provincial Farmers Professional Cooperatives Youth Demonstration Society" and other honorary titles. She also won the "national rural science and technology to get rich female experts", "Hubei Province employment and entrepreneurship outstanding individual" honorary title.

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