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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Offers Metal Parts Multi-Station Hardening Equipment for Kunshan Yiyangchao

Kunshan Yiyangchao Heat Treatment Co., Ltd. is a professional metal parts heat treatment company and providing quality testing of metal parts services. The heat treatment of the workpiece covers a variety of types, such as: shaft type, disk type, gear ring and so on. The heat treatment and testing equipment mainly come from Germany, Austria, Japan and the United States and other countries.

Recently, Kunshan Yiyangchao to expand its heat treatment production scale, while enhancing the workpiece heat treatment process standards. Shiyan Hengjin Induction, a well-known manufacturer of induction hardening equipment, won the contract to provide the customer with multiple metal parts multi-station hardening machine. The induction hardening machine tool to achieve quenching parts in different positions to complete the process, the equipment can be fully automated processing, but also a single station automatic or manual processing, feeding, cutting and loading and unloading between the stations by step. The feeding mechanism is automatically completed without manual operation. Induction hardening machine uses induction heating power supply with a new generation of digital IGBT inverter. The equipment has the following advantages:

1. Machine bed with excellent stability and shock resistance;

2. Automatic loading and unloading, automatic production;

3. Multi-station induction heating hardening completed independently;

4. Replace the processing of different products, the operation convenient;

5. Equipment unique design, easy maintenance and repair;

6. Perfect protection, to ensure the reliability of the machine.

Multi-Station Induction Hardening Equipment

Multi-Station Induction Hardening Equipment

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