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"Supporting Poor Families and Helping the Handicapped" 2016 Hubei Shiyan International Handicapped Day

December 3th, the International Day of Disabled Persons, Shiyan Municipal Committee, Shiyan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office, City Disabled Persons Federation, Shiyan Radio and Television, the City Charity Federation and other units jointly launched the " Supporting Poor Families and Helping the Handicapped " public welfare activities.

The event is to the community to help the poor families and disabled persons, to help 85 families with disabilities to sell local agricultural products, for the disabled families to find a way out of poverty as the main task.

In Shiyan municipal Party Committee's call, a total of more than 50 caring enterprises attended the event. The day of the event, in addition to on-site charity sold more than 6000 RMB of agricultural products. Agricultural cooperatives signed an agreement to subscribe for the value of 6 million RMB of agricultural and special products, to help the poor families and disable persons.

Shiyan Hengjin induction as one of the enterprise attended the event. Hengjin induction is a famous enterprise in Shiyan City and a well-known enterprise in induction heat treatment area. In the future, the company will actively participate in such charity activities.

Honor of Social Enterprise

Honor of Social Enterprise

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