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The Difference between Segment Induction Hardening and Overall Induction Hardening
Here we compare segment induction hardening and overall induction hardening for automotive shaft hardening applications.
1. Segment induction hardening process
Most of the current manufacturers are designed to use complex steps of the wheel hub shaft structure, due to the special structure of the hub shaft, the current induction hardening to strengthen the use of sub-many times. The hardened zone consists of two outer cylindrical surfaces and three over-rounded corners. The quench zone is more complex. Segment induction hardening technology has the following shortcomings:
(1) Wheel hub shaft has two discontinuous quench zone, two processes quench, the required variety of quench inductors;
(2) Quench distortion caused by higher tolerance, and sub-quenching production slow beats, high cost, labor-intensive workers;
(3) The intermediate soft quench zone formed by segment induction quench reduces the strength of the hub shaft. As the hardness difference between the hardened zone and the soft zone is large, the roughness of the soft zone is low, which affects the grinding quality.
(4) Segment induction hardening rounded corners by the heat conduction band up, sharp corners of the steps there are significant overheating problems;

(5) Segment induction hardening so that parts less heat storage, self-tempered cracking increased risk. For the above shortcomings of induction hardening technology, which quench deformation problems can be taken to increase the grinding margin to solve the problem, but will increase the cost of part of the grinding; other shortcomings in the use of sub-quenching technology is not Solution, for a complete solution to these problems, need to further optimize the induction heat treatment process.

2. The overall induction hardening process technology

In response to the existing segment induction hardening technology research problems, the development of the overall induction hardening technology, the technology is to solve the induction hardening process problems, and the quench zone connected together to achieve continuous hardened layer, improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce production costs. The development of the overall induction hardening technology mainly includes the design and trial-manufacture of the inductor for induction hardening technology, the debugging and result analysis of the parts of the hub shaft, the quench inductor developed by several rounds of test and process debugging, and trial production of qualified parts of the hub axle tube. The overall induction hardening technology due to the large quench area, high thermal storage for the implementation of self-tempering technology to create the conditions, so the development of the overall induction hardening process by strictly controlling the water pressure, duration, quench liquid concentration and other parameters, So that parts after quench temperature reached about 200 ℃, to achieve the self-tempering, saving tempering.

3. Production applications and promotion
The wheel hub shaft overall induction hardening sample cutting is used for analysis, the results of quench area is continuous, cylindrical and rounded hardened layer is more uniform. At the same time in the quench area of the parts with different parts of the hardness test, the hardness is relatively uniform, hardness value of 50 ~ 55HRC, to meet the technical requirements of product design. with the above test results compared with the segment process quench results, the hardness and hardened layer depth is better than the multiple segment quench process, quench process to complete the process of continuous uniform, and the use of self-tempering technology to improve product quality, reduce production costs. Therefore, the overall induction hardening can replace the segment induction hardening technology.

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