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The Function and Features of Shiyan Hengjin Induction Quench Transformers

Induction hardening is the most ideal surface hardening of heating method. Due to the proximity effect and the skin effect of the effect of heating is only the work piece near the outer skin penetration depth of a layer of direct heating, internal heating rarely; if the control of heating time, increase the heating power, is a direct heating layer Heat too late to spread to the work piece inside, so that it can meet the requirements of surface hardening.

Surface hardening induction coil flows through a large medium frequency current and the work piece surface heating. The heating time of the work piece is only a few seconds, the total internal temperature was too late to rise, and quickly spray the work piece surface cooling. Induction coil water cooling tube is copper, the coil shape to just wrap the work piece, the gap between it and the workpiece to be as small as possible. Quench depth of the layer is an important process requirements, it has a great impact on the quality of the product. The depth of the quench\ layer is mainly determined by the frequency of the heating power, the higher the frequency, the smaller the penetration depth, the more direct the heating layer and the depth of quench. Quenching heating power frequency is divided into intermediate frequency (2.5 and 8kHz) and high frequency (70-300kHz) two categories. Medium frequency power quenching depth and power frequency is the power frequency: 8kHz quenching depth of 1.3-3.5mm, 2.5kHz quenching depth of 2.4-10mm.

The power of the induction heating device also has an effect on the depth of the quenching layer. The greater the power, heating time is short, direct heating layer of heat too late to spread to the internal. Medium frequency quenching required power supply and quenching area, generally take the power per unit area of 0.5-2kW / square centimeter.

Quench transformer is mainly used in high-frequency quench, elbow, welding, hot rolling, diathermy induction heating for the medium frequency power step-down, isolation and impedance matching. Quench transfoemer is an important component in induction hardening machine. At the same time its main application in the field of induction heating, induction heating is the basic principle of the work piece on the sensor, when the sensor through the alternating current in the sensor and the current frequency around the same alternating magnetic field in the work piece. Corresponding to the induced electromotive force generated in the work piece surface to form the induced current, the vortex. The eddy current is under the effect of the resistance of the workpiece, the electrical energy turned into heat energy, so that the workpiece surface temperature to reach the quench temperature, surface hardening can be achieved. Shiyan Hengjin induction professional design, production, high-frequency, high-power quench transformers, with turns than the flexible adjustment, compact structure, good coupling, leakage sense of small, easy to use and so on. Users in the product by the power, frequency, water cooling requirements and other conditions, can be applied to intermittent work or continuous work.

Quench Transformer

Quench Transfomers

Structural features: Transformer by the single-core structure of the shell structure, with δ = 0.2mm 3K high silicon steel laminated together. Core coils are water-cooled measures, the coil with overlapping, turns ratio changes, the original secondary side can be arbitrarily combined according to the odd and even turns ratio, to adapt to different users of different load matching.

Working conditions: the use of occasions, there must be cooling water, cooling water pressure requirements for 0.15MPa-0.2MPa, cooling water shall not have mechanical impurities, and the hardness shall not exceed 10 units. Transformer put into operation, not water, water temperature shall not exceed 33 ℃, the water temperature should not exceed 65 . The total water consumption is about 7-10 tons / hour, the proposed use of recycled water.

The electrical connection of the transformer: The transformer is factory assembled according to the standard turns ratio, but the user can re-connect according to the actual needs. The factory has a detailed wiring diagram for each transformer with the product factory for reference.

Transformer waterway connection: each transformer factory are equipped with detailed waterway connection diagram, for the convenience of users and to prevent the misuse of access to the water pipes and losses, I designed a special set of water collection devices to reduce the user's assembly work the amount. And prevent the misuse of access to the water pipe and the loss caused by another collector also left the work piece sensor out of the water pipe interface, the user can choose according to their needs.

Transformer manufacturing process: transformer primary high-quality special-shaped copper pipe around the system, the outer package with asphalt mica tape and PTFE film, the secondary use of new curing process to ensure good insulation between the layers. The overall dipping insulation, and equipped with an aluminum housing to protect water and dust intrusion.

Strict ex-factory inspection: each transformer are 3KV high voltage for one minute pressure test, from assembly to the factory, each have been four 0.4MPa hydraulic test to ensure product quality.

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