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Status of Induction Hardening Technology for Large Crankshaft of Marine Internal Combustion Engines
The large crankshaft is the core component of the ship's internal combustion engine's generating and outputting power, which is affected by the alternating stress of bending, torsion, shear, tension and compression. The importance of the crankshaft and the complexity of its working conditions, requiring the crankshaft not only have a high tensile strength, fatigue strength and wear resistance, while the heart also has a certain toughness. In addition, should meet the use of crankshaft conditions, the use of reasonable materials and strengthen the process to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and reduce production costs. Usually there are two major problems in the use of crankshaft: round corner fatigue strength and poor wear resistance of the journal, fatigue and wear are derived from the surface, so the surface of the crankshaft is to enhance the strengthening of the crankshaft rounded corner fatigue strength. How to the most effective and most economical crankshaft surface hardening, crankshaft manufacturing technology in recent years is a hot topic in the field of research.

Crankshaft surface hardening process usually has the following three kinds: chemical heat treatment process (including ion nitriding, gas nitriding, liquid nitrogen, referred to as nitriding), journal induction heating surface quenching and rolling after the composite treatment process For the fillet rolling), journal and round the same time induction heating surface hardening process (referred to as fillet induction hardening). A large number of research and practical application show that, both in the crankshaft strengthening effect and quality, production efficiency, energy consumption and process costs, or in many aspects of environmental protection, such as induction annealing process than the nitrogen or rolling process has significant advantages.

However, large crankshaft fillet hardening technology and equipment technology has long been monopolized by European and American enterprises. China is currently 80% of the internal combustion engine crankshaft is used in high energy consumption, low efficiency, high cost of the crankshaft surface nitriding process. With the domestic parts and components industry to participate in the increasingly competitive globalization, rapid development of independent intellectual property rights of crankshaft fillet quenching process equipment to meet the needs of domestic crankshaft manufacturing enterprises to replace imports, is China's heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry top priority. For ships, the heart is the diesel engine, and the diesel engine is the core part of the crankshaft, the diesel engine sends a powerful driving force required to pass through the crankshaft to drive the ship forward. A crankshaft of tens of thousands of tons of wheels generally up to ten meters, weighing tens of tons, in the design and manufacturing process is quite complex, finishing demanding, vibration in the rotation amplitude of the hair can not be less than a quarter of the human hair one. It is precisely because of high precision manufacturing, demanding performance, process complexity, so whether the independent development of large-scale marine crankshaft represents a country's manufacturing level. As the large-scale marine crankshaft length, diameter, large crankshaft general length between 2000-6000 mm, diameter 200-300 mm, quenching area, the required power supply is large enough; crankshaft weight, up to ten tons, or even tens of tons , The need for high-power special design of the quench transformer and saddle crankshaft quench inductor are difficult to produce, which gave the development has brought great difficulty.

Shiyan Hengjin induction is the induction heat treatment leading enterprise in China, is committed to the induction hardening technology research and development has been more than 10 years of history, now has a number of core patents, the induction hardening equipment has been applied to the hardening process of many industrial mechanical components.

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