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Shiyan Hengjin induction hardening machine to help new energy vehicles to enhance performance
As people's awareness of environmental protection, as well as traditional energy resources such as coal, oil and other increasingly scarce, the automobile industry in recent years is also undergoing great changes, new energy hybrid cars and the birth of pure electric vehicles, Cars lead to reduced carbon emissions, and play a role in solving the energy. It is predicted that the new energy vehicle manufacturing output in the next 5-10 years will reach a peak.
New energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles, for example, the mechanical transmission part of the main clutch, the main reducer, differential, constant velocity universal joint, drive shaft, transmission, brake, drive wheel and other components. Automotive mechanical parts of the use of ferrous metals that is iron and steel as raw materials. When the vehicle is running, turning, braking, it will make the transmission parts friction, and thus gradually reduce its service life, so in the production of these components, its hardness has high requirements. Through the induction hardening / tempering process can significantly enhance the hardness of components, thereby enhancing the service life.

Shiyan Hengjin induction focus on induction heating equipment more than ten years, in the automotive industry,  Shiyan Hengjin can provide customers with improved hardening and tempering solutions. Its independent research and development of crankshaft hardening machine, vertical universal hardening machine, brake shoes hardening machine, workpiece moving hardening machine, inductor moving hardening machine, constant velocity joint housing hardening/tempering equipment, outer race of constant velocity joint/hub bearing hardening and tempering equipment and automotive balance shaft hardening machine are widely used in a number of car manufacturers, such as Dongfeng FAW, Dongfeng II Automobile, Jiangling Motors, JAC, Great Wall Motor.

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