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Induction Hardening Technology of China and the Characteristics of Induction Hardening Equipment

Induction hardening is the use of electromagnetic induction heating principle, so that parts of the surface induced current to the surface of the rapid heating of the vortex form, and then quench the quenching method. It plays an important role in the field of heat treatment, and  this technology has been widely used in China.

Induction hardening type

Induction hardening frequency of use, can be divided into low frequency (1kHz below), intermediate frequency (1kHz-10kHz), super audio (10kHz-50kHz), high frequency (50kHz-200kHz) four types. According to the depth of hardening, it needs to select the appropriate frequency. The greater the depth of the hardened layer, the lower the required frequency, on the contrary, the higher.

Induction hardening advantages

Induction heating surface quench and its advantages:

1. Heat source in the workpiece surface, heating speed, high thermal efficiency

2. The workpiece is not the overall heating, deformation is small

3. The workpiece heating time is short, the surface oxidation decarburization less

4. The workpiece surface hardness, notch sensitivity is small, the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance, etc. have greatly improved. Is conducive to play the potential of materials, saving material consumption, improve part life

5. Compact, easy to use, good working conditions

6. To facilitate the mechanization and automation

7. Not only used in surface hardening can also be used in penetrating heating and chemical heat treatment.

Induction hardening characteristics and corresponding equipment

1. Induction hardening due to frequent changes in electrical parameters, so the induction hardening process requirements are relatively high;

2. Induction hardening requires specialized machine tool equipment, high dependence on equipment.

Induction hardening machine, from the induction power supply, load line, capacitors, transformers, sensors, machine tools composed of several parts. One induction heating power supply is one of the key equipment.

Current Status of Induction Hardening Equipment in China

China's induction power experienced a mechanical intermediate frequency inverter, thyristor intermediate frequency power and all-transistor power supply three stages of development.

At present China's induction hardening equipment related to the patent is not much, only more than 100 pieces, most of the research direction belongs to the machine drive system and cooling system, the power supply system research is relatively small, need to improve R & D efforts.

As induction hardening parts of the many types of raw materials, parts and diverse species, induction hardening process is also diversified, according to the specific circumstances, select the appropriate induction hardening medium (water, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.), heating is also a heating and continuous Heating of the points.

In general, China's induction hardening process with rapid development, is indispensable to many sectors of a processing link, but there are still some gaps with the developed countries, the need to introduce advanced technology to digest abroad, the technical weaknesses need to focus Resources, key breakthroughs, so that induction hardening process to catch up with the advanced level.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction has a wealth of experience in induction hardening, with induction hardening equipment, quench transformers, quench inductors and many other core technology patents, product range covers a variety of frequencies, according to the structure of metal parts and hardened layer depth requirements provide the system induction hardening solution.

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