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Technical Requirement, Precautions and Process Methods of Induction Hardening and Tempering of Long Shaft
Long shaft after hardening must meet the following three requirements:
1. The workpiece is not cracked after hardening.
2. Workpiece control hardening deformation (including deformation of the mouse does not exceed the amount of preparation).
3. Hardness of the workpiece in accordance with the technical requirements of the drawings.

Long shaft parts hardening deformation operation precautions:
1. Do a good job of preparation before hardening, understand the technical requirements of the drawings, identify the steel, check the surface defects.
2. After fixing, heat it.
3. Check whether the deformation of the workpiece before heating is greater than 0.2 mm.
4. Workpiece heating to slow warming, has risen to the tissue temperature.
5. Workpiece quench cooling must be pre-cooling quench.
6. Workpiece quench cooling must be carried out in the still water, not in the circulating pool.
7. Slim shaft Before quenching with the first preheating with 500 to 600 degrees Celsius, the second preheat with 600 to 650 degrees Celsius after the completion of parts to 60 degrees C / hour and then slowly heated to the required part of the heating quench temperature.

Heat treatment method of operation:
When the long shaft of the heating, overflow, quenching, cooling water in the pool must be above the vertical pre-cooling moment, and then vertical quench into the amount of sodium chloride 5 to 10 aqueous solution cooling, cooling, the workpiece is absolutely not allowed up and down, When the workpiece is quenched into the water issued a "slightest" sound, the sound of a stop, no sound of water, the workpiece immediately out of the water surface, and in time for tempering treatment , So that the completion of the long axis of the whole process of quench, the long shaft after hardenin in accordance with this method in the correct operation of the clear conditions, the deformation of the long axis should be less than 0.6 mm (no more than reserve).

On the specific long shaft induction processing technology can be consulted Shiyan Hengjin Induction professional technical staff. Hengjin Induction can be based on the workpiece process requirements, providing a complete long shaft induction hardening and tempering solution. Hengjin Induction development of long shaft hardening and tempering production line can replace the traditional well-heating furnace, car-type heating furnace, the entire production line using PLC control system to achieve automatic workpiece feeding, heating, water cooling, high temperature tempering and so on.

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