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The Difference between Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Machine and High Frequency Induction Hardening Machine
Medium frequency induction hardening technology and high frequency induction hardening technology in principle is the same. The principle is the use of medium frequency (1kHz to 10kHz) or high frequency (50kHz to 200kHz) induced current, so that the surface of the steel workpiece quickly heated, followed by a method of cooling immediately. The principle is that when a certain frequency of AC power through a certain frequency, the coil inside and outside will produce a frequency of the same AC magnetic field, if the workpiece on the coil, the workpiece will induce the alternating current, and the workpiece heating The The distribution of induced current in the workpiece is not uniform, the current density in the surface of the largest, this phenomenon becomes "surface effect". The depth of the induced current through the surface of the workpiece is mainly dependent on the current frequency (weeks / second), the higher the frequency, the deeper the current penetration depth, the thinner the hardened layer, so you can use different frequencies to achieve different depth of hardening layer.

Medium frequency induction hardening machine hardened layer deep, suitable for bear the distortion, the pressure load parts, such as crankshaft, large gear, grinding machine spindle and other induction hardening.

High frequency induction hardening machine hardened layer of high hardness, the workpiece is not easy to oxidation, deformation, quenching good quality, high production efficiency, suitable for friction parts of the work, such as the general smaller gear, shaft induction hardening.

Induction heating surface hardening, the workpiece placed in the copper tube made of quench inductor, when a certain frequency of AC through the inductor, the alternating magnetic field in the workpiece to produce induced current, due to skin effect and eddy current, the workpiece The surface of the high-density AC generated by the heat resistance, the rapid heating of the workpiece surface, and soon reached the quench temperature, then water cooling, the workpiece surface was hardened. Induction heating, the distribution of induced current in the workpiece section is related to the current frequency. The higher the current frequency, the stronger the skin effect, the thinner the concentrated surface of the induced current, so that the depth of the heating layer and the depth of the hardened layer are thinner.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction has more than 10 years of industry experience in medium frequency induction hardening technology and high frequency induction hardening technology , and has been committed to providing customers with efficient heat treatment solutions.

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