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Automotive Shaft Induction Heat Treatment Hardening Process-Shiyan Hengjin Induction Hardening Machine
Automotive engine power output through the transmission, rear shaft, the shaft to the wheel, so that the wheels bear the torsional force and impact, in the car drive, the shaft is an indispensable key components. Shaft need to have high hardness, high strength and other properties, in order to ensure that the car in the driving has a good performance and safety assurance. The current shaft uses the induction hardening process. The continuity between the shaft flange and the hardened layer of the shaft and the ratio of the depth and diameter of the hardened layer of the shaft are the key to improve the fatigue strength of the axle.

Shaft induction hardening generally have two kinds of scanning hardening and heating hardening. Heating hardening is suitable for mass production of shafts. From the productivity, quality, energy efficiency and production costs were compared. Heat Hardening is better than scanning hardening, but requires high power power supply, cooling system and specially designed sensor structure.

1. Shaft scanning hardening, the general use of vertical hardening machine or special hardening machine. First, heat the flange surface to the temperature, and then the stem and spline parts for scanning and hardening.
2. Shaft heating hardening, is the whole shaft heating hardening, is an advanced technology. Due to the large amount of cooling, it is necessary to use special cooling system and specially designed inductor. The domestic automobile factory has successfully applied this process to production, achieved several times the productivity improvement, the bending fatigue strength greatly improved, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Shiyan Hengjin Induction induction hardening machine has been widely used in Jianghuai Automobile, Jiangling Motors, Dongfeng Motor, Great Wall Motor, Yutong Bus, Yuchai Group, China FAW and other well-known automobile manufacturing enterprises, enhance the performance and stability of China's automobile.

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