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What is the Advantage and Difference Between CNC Induction Hardening Machine and Traditional Hardening Furnace?
CNC induction hardening machine principle and the principle of the traditional hardening furnace is different from the use of precision inductor or induction coil and the control of the current and voltage and frequency, can accurately control the hardening depth, generally used for surface hardening. Mainly by the induction hardening machine, intermediate frequency power supply (high frequency power supply, ultra-high frequency power supply, cooling device composed of three parts. The hardening machine consists of bed, upper and lower clamping mechanism, clamping rotation mechanism, quench transformer and resonant tank road, cooling system, quench liquid circulation system, electrical control system and so on.
Hardening furnace is a frequency of 50Hz AC into the intermediate frequency (300Hz to 1000Hz) of the power supply device, the three-phase power frequency AC, rectified into DC, then the DC into adjustable intermediate current, The supply of capacitance and induction coil flow through the alternating current, in the induction loop to produce high-density magnetic field lines, and cutting the induction ring in the metal material, in the metal material to produce a large eddy current. As the principle of medium frequency induction heating for the electromagnetic induction, the heat generated in the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with the frequency of electric furnace after work for ten minutes to carry out forging the task of continuous work, without burner professional workers in advance furnace and sealing furnace work. The hardening machine tools are generally single-stage (small diameter workpiece can be used when the double-bit hardening machine); hardening machine from the structure of vertical and horizontal two categories, the user can choose hardening machine according to hardening process, for special parts or special technology, according to the heating process design and manufacture of special hardening machine.
CNC induction hardening machine and hardening furnace use is different
CNC induction hardening machine is composed of the hardening machine and intermediate frequency power supply (high frequency power supply, ultra-high frequency power supply to achieve by the CNC program control induction hardening process, commonly used in gears, bearings, shaft parts, Cylinder liner and all kinds of mechanical parts hardening, tempering and heat treatment.

Hardening furnace is widely used in the melting of non-ferrous metals [mainly used in smelting steel, alloy steel, special steel, cast iron and other ferrous metal materials and stainless steel, zinc and other non-ferrous metal materials melting, can also be used for copper, Heating, insulation, and can be double-run with the blast furnace. ], Forging heating [for bar, round steel, square steel, steel plate through heat, warming, orchid quenching on-line heating, local heating, metal materials forging (such as gear, shaft connecting rod, bearings and other fine Forging, extrusion, hot rolling, heating before shearing, spray heating, hot assembly, and metal conditioning, annealing, tempering and the like. Heat treatment quenching and tempering production line [mainly for shaft type (straight shaft, reducing shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.); gear type; sets, circle, disk type; machine screw; guide; plane; Tools and other machinery (cars, motorcycles) parts of the surface heat treatment and metal materials, the overall hardening and tempering, annealing, tempering] and so on.
Comparison of the Characteristics of CNC Hardening Machine and Hardening Furnace
CNC induction hardening machine
CNC induction hardening machine is through the electromagnetic flow, through the induction coil vortex effect, the production efficiency is very high, short cycle.
Hardening machine and inductors, bus, transformer adjacent parts, due to high and medium frequency electromagnetic field, the requirements to maintain a certain distance, and should use non-metallic or non-magnetic materials.
Metal frame near the electromagnetic field, to create an open circuit structure, to prevent the generation of eddy current and heat.
CNC hardening machine parts, and more use of stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, plastic materials manufacturing.
CNC hardening machine heating time is short, high production efficiency, a few seconds to complete a workpiece hardening.
Machine automation is high, all equipped CNC  system, save labor and cost.
CNC hardening machine hardening hardness is relatively high.
Hardening furnace
Hardening furnace heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarbonization.
Hardening furnace to extend the die life.
Hardening furnace melting speed.
Since the mixing function, melting temperature and metal composition evenly.
Electric heating environment is good.
Furnace power is relatively large, are generally the overall heating, such as melting into hot metal, etc., can not effectively control the heating temperature, like a resistance furnace, just heating the same way, the former is the workpiece self-heating, the latter is the stove heating.

CNC hardening machine is the use of precise quench inductor or induction coil and controllable current and frequency, can accurately control the hardening depth and temperature, and a high degree of automation, saving manpower, widely used in heat treatment industry.

Hengjin Induction is a professional development of CNC induction hardening machine high-tech enterprises, hardening machine covers intermediate frequency, ultra-sonic, high frequency, can achieve a variety of steel induction hardening process. Intelligent CNC hardening machine can achieve automatic unmanned production for customers to save costs and improve production efficiency.

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