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Work Principle of High Frequency Induction Hardening Equipment and Effect of High Frequency Induction Heating Hardening
High frequency induction heating hardening is not involved in any physical contact heating process. High-frequency power supply is induction heating for heating electrical conductivity of the material. Since there is no physical contact, the heated material is not contaminated. As the workpiece internal heat, induction heating is effective. In other heating techniques, heat is generated by heating elements or flames and applied to the workpiece.

The power frequency affects the process of induction heating. The desired frequency range is determined by the size of the workpiece, the type of material, the arrangement between the object and the coil, and the desired quenching depth. As the frequency increases, the penetration of the heating decreases. The frequency of the normal range of 500Hz to 10kHz, known as the intermediate frequency, 100kHz to 2MHz, known as the high frequency range. A relatively high energy heat is generated at a frequency in the range of 100 to 450 kHz, which is suitable for rapid heating of the skin of small objects or large parts. When a deep thermal penetration is required, a large number of heating cycles at low frequencies are necessary with a frequency range of 5-30 kHz. In the induction heating process, when the current penetration depth is low, the maximum energy transfer is high frequency. It has been determined that the recommended frequency should be such that the penetration depth should not exceed 1/8 of the diameter of the workpiece.

Hengjin Induction is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of intermediate frequency, ultra frequency and high frequency induction hardening equipment. It has been engaged in the field of induction heating for more than ten years. The quenching equipment has served in the machine tool industry, automobile industry, wind power industry, construction machinery industry, gear industry and many other manufacturing enterprises.

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