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Gear Rotation Induction Hardening Technology - Hengjin Disclosed the Principle behind the Technology
Gear rotation induction hardening can be divided into two main methods: through hardening and contour hardening. The first method - mainly used for high gear wear - teeth around the use of low hardening specific power. However, if the frequency is too low, there is a temperature-sensitive eddy current flow, and the temperature is lagging in the tooth. Quenching is done by immersion or spraying to achieve a uniform temperature between the teeth and the root circle. Full hardening of the tempering for the workpiece crack.

The profile hardening is divided into a single frequency and dual frequency process, also achieved austenitizing in a single heating, or by preheating the gear to 550-750 ° C before heating the hardening temperature. The purpose of the preheating is to fully reach the high austenitizing temperature in the root circle during the final heating without the overheating of the teeth. Short heating times and high specific power typically require hardened contour tooth surfaces at irregular distances.

The dual frequency process uses a separate or simultaneous frequency. The hardening curve hardening is similar to that of the case using a separate frequency. The process applies two different frequency gears one after the other. The frequency at which the teeth are preheated to a temperature of 550-750 ° C at a low frequency should cause preheating in the root circle area. Short delay, the use of higher frequency and specific power to achieve austenitizing. An accurate monitoring system is essential because the heating time is measured in the final heating phase of the tenths of a second or second.

Using both dual-frequency method, low frequency and higher at the same time into the sensor. Hardening is achieved by heating. Proper quenching is essential for perfect spin hardening and should be done as soon as possible after heating. Time Gap Heating and Quenching The nozzle can be minimized by using a fast CNC axis positioning or by integrating the quench circuit into the sensor. During this period, the rotational speed of the gears in the quenching stage is reduced below 50 rpm to avoid the "shadow effect" on the side opposite to the rotational direction.

Many other factors affect spin hardening results. The material must be hardened and its initial structure, for example, has a decisive influence. Due to the short austenitization time, the initial steel structure must be dense (ASTM 7 and above). The non-uniform pearlite-ferrite initial structure is not suitable. The importance of the initial structure and carbon content decreases with the size of the module. If a slight increase in quenching distortion is acceptable, then the induction of the pre-quenching and tempering in the contour quenching can greatly improve the hardening of the gear.

Module size is another key factor in rotational hardening. Spinning is a versatile and reliable process that can harden gears, helical gears and internal gears with irregular surfaces. Using a unique sensor solution can be used to limit this effect by enhancing the power distribution.

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