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The way to enhance the hardness of the gear: induction heating and quenching - constant quenching equipment
Gear Spin Hardening (using encircling inductors)
Spin Hardening is the most commonly used method of induction gear hardening, and it is particularly suitable for medium-sized gears. Rotate the gears during heating to ensure uniform distribution of energy. An inductor that surrounds the entire gear can be used. When applying the inductor, there are five parameters that play a major role in hardness: frequency, power, cycle time, inductor geometry, and quenching conditions. An induction hardening pattern obtained by heating time, frequency and power variation. Typically, when only need to harden the tooth tip, a shorter heating time should be combined to apply a higher frequency and a higher power density. To harden the tooth root, use a lower frequency.

Gear quenching
Induction hardening is a two-step process: heating and quenching. Both stages are important. There are three ways to harden gears in rotary hardening applications
1. Immerse the gear in the quench tank. This technology is particularly suitable for large gears;
2. Use integrated spray quenching "in place" quenching. Small and medium gears are usually quenched using this technology;
3. Use a separate concentric spray fire block (quench) located beneath the sensor. Quenching - vapor layer, boiling and convection heat transfer of the three stages of the classic cooling curve can not be directly applied to jet quenching. Due to the nature of the spray quenching, the first two stages are greatly suppressed. At the same time, the cooling during the convection phase is more severe. The gear geometry and speed are other factors that have a significant effect on the quenching flow and cooling severity during gear quenching. It is also important to avoid the eccentricity of the sensor and the quenching system relative to the gears and gears. Even if the gear rotates, the gear swing will cause a particular part of the gear to be hot during heating, since it will always be closer to the coil regardless of the rotation. In addition to uneven heating, the swing also causes uneven quenching, resulting in additional hardness unevenness and gear shape deformation. It has been reported that more favorable compressive stresses are obtained in the tooth root using a gear rotational hardening technique rather than by tooth or gap.

Hengjin Induction designed and manufactured heating power supply and quenching machine for the hardening of the gear, intelligent heating power and quenching equipment to achieve the automatic workpiece heating and quenching the whole process, according to the requirements of the workpiece, we can make customerized solutions for you.

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