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Modification of Intermediate Frequency Quench Inductor---Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd
Induction heating surface hardening is achieved by quench inductor, the quality of surface hardening and the efficiency of the equipment, largely depends on the structural design and manufacture of the inductor.

1. The structure of the quench inductor
Intermediate frequency inductor consists of induction conductors, busbars (including busbars and manifolds), connecting mechanisms and cooling devices.
2. Intermediate frequency induction hardening status
The company produces large-scale turntable bearings required for the induction hardening machine is their own restructuring, the use of intermediate frequency quench transformer can be moved back and forth and the direction of rotation, can be outside the bearing ring hardening, can also be used to move into the ring. Due to the transformer size, the bearing outer ring raceway hardening will be subject to certain restrictions. Only the inner diameter of more than 800mm bearing outer ring raceway surface hardening. The outer ring with diameter less than 800mm can not be used for this hardening.

3. The question is raised
Crankshaft milling machine supporting the use of double-row angular contact angular eccentric ball bearings, bearing a total of five rings, of which the ring with teeth and eccentric, is the key parts of the bearing, the ring diameter of less than 800mm, Conventional hardening, the existing transformer size is too large can not be quenched, therefore, the need for the original quench inductor design and testing.

4. Design and test of new busbar
The inductor is designed as shown in the figure below, that is, on the basis of the original inductor, increase the length of the manifold (or cooling pipe), so that the inductor connected with the transformer, the transformer on the outside of the workpiece, and the induction conductor through the end of the workpiece to the workpiece of the inner raceway.
After testing the workpiece speed of 120mm / min, the power rose to 30kW, the heating surface did not reach the heating temperature (860 ~ 900 ℃), the power increased to 45 ~ 50kW, the heating surface instantly reached the quenching temperature and then rapidly decreased , At the same time, found that the inductor on the magnet began to heat red, significantly reduced the induction effect, after quenching the channel is also difficult to meet the technical requirements.

After analysis, the new type of quench inductor tube is too long, and the cross-sectional area is small, resulting in a significant increase in the impedance loss of the bus, which is the main reason for the reduction of induction efficiency. To this end, we have improved the structure of the inductor, and the improved inductor was tested, the workpiece line speed of 120mm / min, power rose to 28 ~ 30kW, heating surface quickly reached the quenching temperature, the magnet did not appear overheating redness phenomenon, after quenching the surface hardness to meet the technical requirements.

5 Conclusion
(1) bus is the sensor and high-frequency transformer connected to the part, using a reasonable structure, help to reduce the loss and improve the efficiency of the inductor.
(2) the introduction of new inductors, for the production of less than 800mm diameter bearing intermediate frequency quenching laid the foundation.

This article is written by the engineers of the Luoyang Bearing (Group) Company and published in the professional journals of the bearings. Although the time has passed for over a decade, the induction technology is changing, but today's admiration is still admired by these heat treatment industry experts In the induction heat treatment industry in the professionalism and spirit of study. Luoyang Bearing Co., Ltd. has long been to use Shiyan Hengjin Induction technology Co., Ltd. has provided its most advanced roller induction hardening machine instead of homemade machine tools, Hengjin induction technology also made China's bearing business some contribution.

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