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Measures for the deformation and cracking after the hardening - Hengjin hardening machine

After the workpiece quenching cracking, reduce the shape of distortion is a heat treatment processing enterprises' problem, each generation of people wish to solve the problem.
To solve this problem, the basic principle is to ensure that the steel after quenching the organization and performance meet the requirements of the premise, try to reduce the heating and cooling process of internal stress. Pre-cooling quenching, dual-medium quenching, grading quenching, isothermal quenching can be achieved to varying degrees.
To prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece after quenching, the following measures can be taken:
1. Design level
Workpiece shape to be as simple as possible, symmetrical, try to avoid sudden changes in cross-sectional size, do not have sharp edges and corners. Otherwise, the workpiece quenching is not only easy to produce shape distortion, and easy to crack.
2. Selection level
Should be used to high hardenability of the alloy steel, so that cooling capacity in the cooling medium cooling or grading quenching, thereby reducing the internal stress generated during quenching.
3. Forging and preparation heat treatment
The manufacture of large cross-section of the alloy steel and high alloy tool steel workpiece forging, must be repeated upsetting in order to better eliminate dendritic segregation and carbide segregation. In addition, but also to carry out normalizing and annealing, the elimination of reticular and angular carbide, fine parts of the original steel after quenching the workpiece. Segregation and other poor raw tissue will make the workpiece quenching shape distortion increased, the tendency to increase cracking.
4. Heating method
Workpiece installation should avoid single-sided heating. Should pay attention to flat, so as not to deformation due to high temperature due to their own weight. Slender rods and shaft parts are best hoisted in a well or salt bath. Large workpiece, high alloy steel parts, uneven thickness of the workpiece should be used to increase the temperature or preheating method to reduce the heating rate, reduce the temperature difference between the various parts in order to reduce the workpiece due to uneven heating and the shape of distortion. Thin-walled loops, such as parts that are easily distorted when cooled, are heated and cooled in a suitable fixture to reduce shape distortion.
5. Cooling level
Quenching the workpiece immersed in the cooling medium as much as possible so that the various parts of the uniform cooling, while attention to the media on the workpiece immersion resistance as small as possible.

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