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Three effects of induction heating - Hengjin hardening machine

There are three effects in the induction heating process: skin effect, proximity effect and ring effect.

Skin effect: When the alternating current through the conductor, along the conductor cross-section of the current distribution is not uniform, the maximum current density appears in the conductor surface layer, as gathered in the conductor of the skin, so the image is usually said that the current gathering phenomenon For the skin effect.

Adjacent effect: When the distance between two conductors with alternating current is close, the current distribution in the conductor will be affected by each other. If the current in the opposite direction of the two conductors, then the maximum current density appears in the inner side of the two conductors, like the opposite sex suction. The other two conductors in the same direction of current, the maximum current appears in the outer side of the two conductors, like the same repulsion. This phenomenon is called the proximity effect.

Ring effect: the AC current through the ring coil, the maximum current density appears in the coil conductor inside, this phenomenon known as the ring effect.

Induction heating power is the comprehensive utilization of these three effects of the device. The alternating vortices induced by the alternating magnetic field in the conductor are attenuated exponentially along the cross-section from the conductor surface to the center due to the influence of the skin effect. When the eddy current is reduced from the surface to the inner layer to its maximum of 0.368 (1 / e), where the distance from the performance is called the current penetration depth. Since the heat generated by the vortex is proportional to the square of the vortex, the velocity of the heat from the surface of the workpiece to the core is much faster than that of the vortex. We can approximate that the heat of induction heating is concentrated in the thickness of the current thin layer.

After the workpiece has been heated and the resistivity and relative permeability of the material are determined, the penetration depth is inversely proportional to the square root of the frequency of the induced vortex, and we can control it by changing the frequency to meet the process requirements.

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