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Principle and Applications of Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating is the process of heating a conductive object (usually a metal) by the heat generated by the electromagnetic induction vortex in the object. A rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the object, producing a current in the conductor called the vortex. The eddy current flowing through the material is heated. In iron and ferromagnetic materials, heat can also be generated by hysteresis loss. The current frequency used for induction heating depends on the size of the object, the type of material, the coupling (between the working coil and the object to be heated), and the penetration depth.

Induction heating is the process of heating the metal, which is mainly used for metal surface hardening, melting, brazing and welding. Iron and steel and its alloys due to its ferromagnetic properties, the use of induction heating for the best heat treatment.

Induction heating is usually used for heat treatment of metals. The most common application is the induction hardening of steel components, and the method of connecting metal parts is called induction welding / brazing.

Induction heating can produce high power capacity density, making the workpiece heat treatment site in a short time to achieve the required temperature. At the same time intelligent induction heating equipment can well control the heating mode, while the magnetic field energy uniform and close, and reduce the workpiece due to heating deformation and damage.

Induction heating equipment for hardening parts with different properties. The most common hardening process is to produce localized surface hardening of the area that requires wear on the workpiece while maintaining the toughness of the original structure required for other parts. Induction heating equipment can control the depth of induction hardening by selecting the induction frequency, power density and interaction time.

induction heating equipment

Hengjin Induction specializing in the production of intelligent high-power density induction heating equipment based on the European induction heating technology upgrading, the use of advanced IGBT power devices as inverter devices. Induction heating equipment for a variety of metal heat treatment, welding, melting, heat and other hot processing industry.

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