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Why choose induction heating against with the traditional flame heating or other heating​ methods?
Why choose induction heating against with the traditional flame heating or other heating methods? The following briefly summarizes the main advantages that modern induction heating equipment provides for the lean production of heat treatment:
Optimized Consistency
Induction heating eliminates inconsistencies and quality problems associated with flame heating and other methods. After the induction heating equipment is properly calibrated and set up, the heating mode is repeatable and consistent. With modern heating equipment, precise temperature control can ensure consistency; through closed-loop temperature control, advanced induction heating system has the ability to measure workpiece temperature, and can set up specific slope rises, maintain and reduce rate, and can record data for each heat treatment workpiece.
Maximize Productivity
Heat treatment productivity can maximize, induction heating process faster than the traditional heating way, for some workpiece, the shortest possible in a few seconds to heat to the specified temperature.
Improve Product Quality
By induction heating, the heating parts are not directly exposed to the flame or other heating elements, and the heat is induced by the AC current in the workpiece itself. Therefore, the workpiece deformation is minimal. In order to obtain the maximum product quality.
Prolong Other Mechanical Parts or Equipment Lifetime
Induction heating quickly passes heat to a very small area of the workpiece without heating any other parts around it. This extends the lifespan of other devices or components around them.
Environmental Protection
Induction heating systems do not burn traditional fossil fuels, a clean, non-polluting process that helps protect the environment. Induction heating system improves the working conditions of on-site staff by eliminating smog, optimizing energy saving, reducing harmful emissions and noise. Heating is safe and effective, without fire, or endangering the operator. Non-conductive materials are unaffected and can be near the heating area without damage.
Reduce Energy Consumption
This unique energy-saving process converts up to 90% of the consumed energy into useful heat; heat treatment furnaces usually only 45% of energy efficiency. The induction heating process is highly compatible with the energy saving automation system.

Send us your artifacts, we can provide you with free induction heat treatment assessment and solutions. Induction heating is the best and most profitable way to heat treatment in your parts and manufacturing process. Constant induction invites you to provide us with sample parts and heat treatment process descriptions, our professional engineers will provide you with free assessment and system recommendations.

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