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The Principle of Induction Hardening and the Common Hardening Methods ------ Hengjin Induction Hardening Machine
Induction hardening is a way of heat treatment that heats the metal workpiece by induction heating and then performs quenching. After quenching the metal through the martensitic transformation, increasing the hardness and rigidity of the workpiece. Induction hardening is used to harden parts or components without affecting the overall performance of the part.

Induction heating is the use of electromagnetic induction principle in the workpiece surface layer of heat generated by non-contact heating process. By placing the conductive material in a strong alternating magnetic field, the current can flow in the material, resulting in heat due to loss of I2R in the material. In the magnetic material, due to hysteresis loss, can produce more heat. The resulting current flows mainly in the surface layer, which is determined by the frequency of the alternating field, the surface power density, the permeability of the material, the heating time and the material diameter or material thickness. The surface layer is changed to form a martensite structure harder than the metal after cooling in water, oil or polymer-based cooling.
Single Shot Hardening
In single shot hardening system, the workpiece is stationary or rotated in the inductor, and the entire area to be treated is heated at the same time, followed by rapid cooling. In the absence of other methods to achieve the desired results, a one-time hardening, such as a planar hardening of a hammer, a tool for complexing the edges, or the production of small and medium-sized gears, is usually used.

In the case of hardening the shaft, the advantage of single shot hardening hardening is that the production time is less than that of other methods. In addition, some of the complex geometric shapes can be handled by the radial current induced by the induction coil.

The overall hardened coil or inductor design is more complex. It is usually necessary to use ferrite or laminated load materials to affect the magnetic field density in a given area. Since the increased surface area is heated, more power is required.
Traverse Hardening
In traverse hardening system, the workpiece gradually moving through the inductor, and the use of rapid cooling. traverse hardening is widely used for the production of shaft parts such as shafts, excavator buckets, steering parts, power shafts and drive shafts. The workpiece passes through the ring inductor, producing a moving tropical, hardened to produce a hardened surface layer. By varying the speed and power, the shaft can be hardened along the entire length or only in a specific area, and a hardened shaft with a step of diameter or spline can also be made.

Position control, switching, monitoring and setting are usually performed using digital encoders and programmable logic controllers. In all cases, the speed requires strict control and consistency, because the speed of the change will have an impact on hardness.

Hengjin Induction is professional in providing all kinds of induction hardening solutions, whether it is single shot hardening or traverse hardening. Our experienced engineers can provide customized evaluation and system solutions for your workpieces and requirements. Induction hardening machine manufactured by Hengjin, is  high degree of intelligence, and also quenching consistency is good.

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